Meghan Markle’s Most Embarrassing Acting Roles

These days, if you see Meghan Markle on television, she’s likely being interviewed as a member of the Royal Family. And before that, she was a breakout star on Suits, a show that more and more people are now discovering thanks to streaming services like Netflix.

However, like many actors, it took Meghan a long time to reach the success of her Suits role. Before that, she starred in one embarrassing role after another. Just how bad did things get? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Meghan roles that were so bad you might wonder how Prince Harry ever fell in love with her!

Deal or No Deal

Arguably, Meghan Markle was at her career lowest when she appeared on Deal or No Deal. She wasn’t any kind of contestant or celebrity host; instead, she was one of the cute girls in the background whose entire job was to simply hold out the suitcases.

Honestly, looking at these images and watching old clips makes us understand the Royal Family’s initial concerns about her relationship with Harry. It’s not every day a prince marries an American, much less an American who was once best known for being on a game show!

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Pursuing life as a Hollywood actor brought Meghan to England long before she and Prince Harry were an item. For example, she starred in the British film Anti-Social in which she played a graffiti artist who gets sucked into a life of sexy crime.

Somewhat ironically, the film is loosely based on real jewelry heists that happened in London. And it just so happened to star an onscreen thief who would later be given free access to the Royal Family jewels.


Meghan Markle’s cameo in the Nathan Fillion police procedural Castle is definitely one of her stranger roles. Early in the ep, she appears to be the victim of a killer who has a fixation on fairy tales. To this end, she appears (quite embarrassingly, we might add) dressed as Sleeping Beauty at one point.

That would have been bizarre enough, but in the episode’s 11th-hour twist, she ends up being the killer! Honestly, it’s a fairly forgettable episode, but those who are always wondering whether the real Meghan is hiding some “royal” secrets will likely enjoy an onscreen adventure where she is just as manipulative and dangerous as her worst critics believe she is.

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Knight Rider remake

These days, if Meghan Markle is doing some fighting, she’s doing it the way the Royal Family always does: through extreme subtlety and shade. But if you’ve ever wanted to see Meghan Markle physically kicking ass and taking names, then you need to check out the Knight Rider rebooted TV series she appeared in.

In the episode, she plays a soldier who infiltrates a fight club and manages to fit right in due to her ability to both take and dole out punches. Of course, after watching this, you might be wondering just how wild it would get to see Meghan in a similar no-holds-barred fight with Kate Middleton.


After things got serious between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, some people teased Meghan about her previous work on Suits. After all, this was a show where her character often got hot and heavy with her costars onscreen. Naturally, some wondered if Harry had watched the show and wished he could be the one kissing and holding the young star.

Harry, historically, has denied this. But now, we’re curious if the prince ever watched Meghan’s appearance in an episode of CSI: NY. Her character is a maid whose gimmick involves cleaning while dressed in barely-there lingerie. It’s a funny appearance, sure, but it’s undeniably weird to see a future duchess of the Royal Family dressed like a dancer that you might hire for a stag party.

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Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses is a movie where the titular employers do act pretty damn terrible. And if you’ve never seen it, the movie has far more raunchy comedy in it than you might expect. That alone makes it a bit embarrassing that Meghan played a FedEx delivery driver in a movie that would most likely make Prince Harry (himself no stranger to raucous partying) blush.

Making matters worse is the fact that in her one scene, Jason Sudeikis actually tells her “You’re too cute to be a FedEx girl. You’ve got to be an actress or a model or something.” That line likely offended Meghan Markle, someone who probably saw herself as way too pretty just to play a minuscule role in this nasty sex comedy.

Dater’s Handbook

By now, you’ve probably figured out that some of Meghan Markle’s old roles are more ironic than others. And given the timing, perhaps none were quite as ironic as her role in Dater’s Handbook. In the movie, she plays a woman who is lucky in business but unlucky in love, especially because she won’t stay with anyone who doesn’t meet every requirement on her romantic checklist.

In traditional rom-com fashion, she ends up discovering love only after she gives up on her checklist. And about half a year after filming this movie, the real Meghan threw out her preconceived ideas about relationships and began dating Prince Harry!

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