Kate Middleton Has It Better Than Diana In One Crucial Way

Ever since Kate Middleton’s relationship with Prince William went public, she has experienced constant comparisons to Princess Diana. Those comparisons only intensified once they got engaged. Kate, like Diana before her, married the future King of England. Their happily ever after seemed threatened, however, by the shocking revelation that Kate Middleton has cancer.

That diagnosis has understandably left her family as well as England in a state of shock. However, there is one bright spot in all of this darkness that Kate can take comfort in. Despite the lifelong comparisons with Diana, Kate has the one thing the other woman never had: a loyal and supportive husband who always puts her first.

Kate Middleton’s shocking diagnosis

Kate Middleton’s recent health crisis all began in January of 2024 when she went to the hospital for what was supposed to be a scheduled abdominal surgery. Soon, she discovered that she had cancer, a diagnosis that instantly changed her life.

We know about Kate’s cancer mostly because this future Queen of England told the world about it. When she did so, it seemed like she was following in the footsteps of King Charles, a man who has been surprisingly transparent about his own recent cancer diagnosis. We suspect Kate would have come clean about her own cancer diagnosis sooner rather than later, but she was forced to move her timetable up because the Royal Family did such a poor job of covering for her.

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Failed attempts to cover up the controversy

In retrospect, Kensington Palace bungled the attempt to cover for Kate from the very beginning. After she received her diagnosis but before she was ready to tell the world about it, the Palace put out an announcement that she wouldn’t be making any official appearances until after Easter. This made the public instantly suspect something was wrong because Kate shouldn’t need nearly that long to recover from simple abdominal surgery.

Soon, the Palace tried to make the public feel better by declaring firmly that Kate didn’t have cancer…in retrospect, a terrible announcement. There was also the release of a photo of Kate and her children that appeared to be heavily photoshopped. All of this only increased public speculation about Kate’s health, causing her to go public with her cancer diagnosis.

William immediately stepped up for Kate

Kate’s cancer is a big deal for the Royal Family on a number of levels. Aside from the PR disaster the Palace caused by trying to cover things up, Kate’s inability to attend to royal duties was going to cause work for the rest of the Royal Family. In short, there are only so many working royals, so when one of the most important royals is unable to attend events for months at a time, it increases the collective royal workload.

In all of this, William has proven to be a strong leader, handling an insanely stressful situation with the coolheaded leadership you’d expect from the future King of England. But he also hasn’t hesitated to step up for Kate as needed. As former royal secretary Ailsa Anderson said to People, “[William] is going to be the anchor for his children,” taking time off as needed to take care of his family during this stressful time.

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Charles seemingly made Diana his secondary priority

One of the reasons that William’s treatment toward Kate right now stands out is that he is supporting his wife more than his father, King Charles, ever supported Diana. Only one day after his children were born, Charles reportedly ditched Diana to go play polo. In 1991, William’s skull was fractured by an errant golf club; after checking in, Charles didn’t stick around for surgery and went to take care of some business instead.

This caused notable ripples at the time, especially in the press. The newspaper The Sun even ran a headline asking what everyone in the world was thinking about Charles: “What Kind of Dad Are You?” Compared to how his father acted back in the day, William is well on his way to earning father–and husband–of the year. 

William and Kate have a stronger relationship than Charles and Diana ever did

William’s devotion to his children is admirable. He seems more supportive of the kids than his own father ever was to him, and it’s clear his children are in good hands while Kate battles cancer. This likely didn’t come as a surprise to Kate, however, because she and William have the kind of strong relationship that puts Charles and Diana’s relationship to shame.

Perhaps the best evidence of this is the fact that William and Kate have remained so faithful to one another. The only potential hiccup was a persistent rumor about William having an affair with Rose Hanbury, but there seems to be no substance to that rumor; funnier still, there are reports that this rumor simply brought William and Kate closer rather than driving them apart. Compared to the marriage of Charles and Diane (whose relationship was doomed from the beginning due to Charles’ love of Camilla Parker-Bowles), the future King and Queen of England enjoy the kind of fiercely faithful relationship we all dream of. 

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