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The Shocking Way Meghan Markle Ended Her First Marriage | InstantHub

The Shocking Way Meghan Markle Ended Her First Marriage

When you hear “Meghan Markle’s husband,” you probably instantly think of Prince Harry. However, Harry is actually Meghan’s second husband. Part of what made the royal marriage so shocking was that a British prince was marrying an American divorcee. In fact, the only thing more...

Best Photos From Meghan Markle's Deleted Instagram | InstantHub

Best Photos From Meghan Markle’s Deleted Instagram

Originally, it was pretty difficult to imagine Meghan Markle becoming British royalty. Not only was she an American and a celebrity, but she actively loved to show off her wild side on social media. And that doesn’t work well with the “stiff upper lip” lifestyle...

Harry & Meghan's Netflix Deal Just Took a Disastrous Turn | InstantHub

Harry & Meghan’s Netflix Deal Just Took A Disastrous Turn

When you think about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you probably don’t think about Netflix. But the royal couple was trying to change all of that. After they left England and eventually established themselves in America, Harry and Meghan struck a variety of media deals....