Meghan Markle’s Naughtiest Looks On Deal or No Deal 

Meghan Markle has had the kind of whirlwind life most people can only dream of. She married into royalty, for one thing, and before that, she headlined Suits, one of the most popular shows on television.

Before that breakout role, though, Meghan had a number of forgettable roles in film and television. Ironically, one of her most consistent gigs was also the most humiliating. As one of the briefcase girls on Deal Or No Deal, Meghan was there just to serve as eye candy, leading her to wear a few outfits that were downright scandalous.

Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discuss Meghan Markle’s naughtiest looks on Deal Or No Deal!

Outfits that became tabloid fodder

Before we dive into Meghan Markle’s most shocking outfits, we need to talk about what makes them so significant. As noted before, Deal Or No Deal was a very minor role for this future royal. Why, then, is what she wore way back when even worth talking about?

Among other things, these outfits reveal (pun only slightly intended) why Meghan had a hard time fitting in with British royalty and winning over various tabloids in the UK. As a divorced American with no royal lineage, Meghan was always going to have trouble fitting in with Prince Harry’s family. The fact that she had previously been on TV in one inappropriate outfit or another simply gave the tabloids the fodder they needed to attack Meghan as a vapid outsider considered more with Prada than peerage.

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Orange is the new rack

In a weird little twist, one of Meghan Markle’s more infamous Deal Or No Deal outfits is connected to one of the show’s most famous moments. A contestant had just chosen a different briefcase, and Meghan was opening hers to show the woman what she had missed out on. It turns out her own briefcase only had five dollars in it, allowing the contestant to win far more money.

It was an emotional moment for that contestant, but audiences watching from home had different emotions altogether. The orange satin material certainly looked good on the future duchess, but she was practically spilling out of this halterneck. This look left us asking the big question…does Harry ever have Meghan carry a gold briefcase around the house?

A little red, a lot of leg

You might think we’re being mean picking on Meghan Markle’s different Deal Or No Deal outfits. However, she is the first to remind people that the show just wanted her and the other girls to look pretty. At one point, Meghan went as far as to say that the show’s producers turned her and other girls into “bimbos.”

While we wouldn’t use that term to describe Meghan or her colleagues, we can see why outfits like this short red dress left Meghan blushing. To keep things as short as this dress, Meghan’s fit here is revealing a whole lot of leg. The dress also emphasizes her cleavage, leaving little to the imagination when it comes to this future royal’s body.

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When Meghan “blue” our minds

When looking back at these different Deal Or No Deal outfits Meghan Markle wore, it’s important to remember that she and the other women didn’t get to pick their own outfits. That means when a dress maximizes everybody’s cleavage, it’s because the show’s producers wanted everybody to emphasize the breasts of well-endowed models like Meghan.

Frankly, nothing showed off her future royal bosom quite like this blue sateen chemise. The color looks great against Meghan’s tan, but what really caught our eye was the padded bra built into the outfit. Producers clearly felt her bust was a “must” for the camera and made sure Meghan stood out in all the right places before the cameras started rolling.

Meghan makes Mrs. Clause jealous

In 2006, Deal Or No Deal aired a Christmas special. Apparently deciding that the audience had been good little boys and girls, the show decided to give us all a treat. However, their idea of rewarding us for being nice was making briefcase girls like Meghan Markle look as naughty as possible.

As you can tell, Meghan rocked a kind of “sexy Santa” outfit for the occasion. Someone else on the show ended up playing Santa himself, and the episode even had an appearance from Big Bird. But our abiding memory of the episode is Meghan making Mrs. Clause jealous with her ample cleavage and long legs…something he seemed to like far more than milk and cookies!

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Making others green with envy

As far as naughty outfits go, this pale green number isn’t Meghan Markle’s naughtiest outfit on Deal Or No Deal. However, the outfit really frames her butt very well. Audiences couldn’t help but stop staring at the briefcase and start staring at her derriere.

Still, Meghan shouldn’t be ashamed of these various naughty looks over the years. Not only does she look great, but all of this led to a killer TV career and marriage to a prince. And that’s not bad for a girl who used to just look pretty while holding a briefcase.