Kate  Middleton’s Cancer Recovery Will Severely Change the Monarchy

All these months later, we’re still reeling from the revelation that Kate Middleton has cancer. Obviously, it was alarming to see someone so relatively young and vital struck down by such a major illness. Furthermore, the bizarre behind-the-scenes antics involved in initially hiding her illness made everyone worry things could be even more severe than the Royal Family wanted to admit.

Now, we have some updated information about Kate’s recovery, including what the recovery timeline looks like. What’s the latest with Kate’s health, and what does it mean for the monarchy? Keep reading to find out!

Changes to Kate’s recovery schedule

One of the more surreal things about Kate Middleton’s illness is how the Palace tried to cover things up at first. Initially, all we knew was that Kate was receiving some kind of abdominal surgery. However, the report that she would be avoiding any official engagements through Easter instantly had both her critics and her concerned fans wondering what kind of health issue the royals were hiding.

Eventually, the royals stopped trying to hide things and Kate revealed her cancer diagnosis to the world. Recently, her spokesperson confirmed that she wouldn’t participate in any official engagements for the rest of 2024. While any update is welcome, this news paints a grim picture of how long her recovery will actually last.

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Avoiding the spotlight

Another thing you may have noticed about Kate is that in addition to avoiding official royal engagements, she seems to be avoiding the public view altogether. Obviously, all royals have motivation to avoid the spotlight and therefore avoid ending up as part of a few tabloid headlines. However, an insider recently revealed the sad facts about Kate’s own desire for privacy.

The insider told Us Weekly “She’s not able to see many people because she is susceptible to getting sick and they don’t want her compromised, but she’s up and about.” Avoiding public gatherings helps Kate safeguard her health when it is most important to do so. At the same time, dodging the limelight like this leaves more time for “reevaluating what she’s going to be able to take on when she comes back.”

How is Kate’s recovery actually going?

As we noted before, hearing that Kate will now be avoiding royal engagements for the rest of 2024 has many worried about her overall health. Have things really taken a turn for the worse now that she has revealed her diagnosis to the world? Or is this mostly about Kate’s understandable desire for privacy?

If you’re worried about Kate’s health, you can finally exhale. That same source we mentioned earlier told Us Weekly that Kate’s actual recovery is going just fine. However, being in large gatherings of people who may or may not be sick could threaten Kate’s recovery. In short, being mostly isolated from the world has helped with her recovery so far, and she is going to continue to stay isolated so she can better safeguard her health.

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Kate may never come back to her previous duties

For the most part, this royal insider’s updates about Kate have been reassuring. It’s nice to know that she has been avoiding the spotlight more to ease her recovery than because that recovery is going well. However, that same source dropped a bombshell that fans of this royal may need to sit down for.

The insider told Us Weekly that Kate “may never come back in the role that people saw her in before.” In other words, her cancer diagnosis has made her step back from being a working royal, and while King Charles has returned to duties after his own cancer diagnosis, it’s possible that Kate–much like Meghan Markle–may permanently step down from royal duties.

What would Kate’s absence mean for the monarchy?

The possibility that Kate won’t return to her royal duties leads to the obvious question: what will this actually mean for the monarchy? In the short term, at least, it will lead to more work for Prince William. Ever since Kate went to the doctor in January, William has been stepping up to do more of the work (both at home and throughout the country) that would normally be handled by Kate

In the long term, Kate’s absence may affect the general public perception of the Royal Family. She has always been one of the more likeable royals, and the public has been waiting to see her as Queen of England once William becomes King. If he ends up ruling the country without his wife by his side, it could negatively affect how both William and his reign as king is perceived.

Of course, we won’t really know how permanent Kate’s absence is from royal duties will be until she tells us. One source recently told The Daily Beast that Kate might release another video to the world updating us on her health condition. We hope that happens soon, as nobody but Kate can definitively set the record straight.

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