Why Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Worried About Prince Louis

Kate Middleton doesn’t often express worry or concern. After all, she is the future Queen Consort of England, the entire country looks to her for strength and stability.

However, whether she’s the Queen or not, every mother has one thing she worries about: her children. And due to recent events, it looks like Kate Middleton may be particularly worried about Prince Louis.

But what did Louis do, and why is Kate so worried? Keep reading to discover all of the royal details!

Prince Louis making all the wrong headlines

If the name “Prince Louis” rings a bell, there is a reason for that. During Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee back in February, there was plenty of attention on Louis as well as his siblings, George and Charlotte. However, Louis ended up getting most of the attention due to the way he kept acting out.

First of all, this event marked the carriage debut of Louis. This is usually intended as a very serious processing of royals. However, Louis wasted no time hamming it up, waving to different bystanders, and even sticking his tongue out at them.

Second, things got worse once Louis joined his famous family on the royal balcony. With all eyes on the Royal Family, Louis proceeded to cover his ears, cover his eyes, and pull down his cheeks. He also shouted and tried to squeeze by Queen Elizabeth in a fit of impatience.

While it was funny to watch, the behavior of Louis generated all the wrong headlines. For example, the Daily Mail dubbed the young prince a “Mischievous young royal” and noted that “Prince Louis steals the show!” Considering this was an event meant to honor Elizabeth, the last thing William and Kate likely wanted was for Louis to “steal the show” by embarrassing himself.

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William and Kate’s cheeky commentary on Louis

As you might expect, the antics of Louis led to plenty of discussions and speculation online. Many wondered about what kind of upbringing William and Kate were providing that led to all these outbursts. And it didn’t help that Louis continued to act up days later, publicly thumbing his nose at his own mother during a Platinum Party at the Palace.

William and Kate offered no response to the haters and trolls criticizing Louis. However, they did post an amusing reaction on Twitter from their official account. In its entirety, the statement read, “We all had an incredible time, especially Louis . . . [eyes emoji].”

Like the exploits of their sun, William and Kate’s comment was amusing. But it didn’t really quell criticism of Louis, which may be why a surprising member of the family stepped up in his defense. 

A surprise defense of Louis’ behavior

Mike Tindall is a very unconventional member of the Royal Family. He is married to Zara Tindall, the daughter of Princess Anne. Neither he nor Zara have official royal titles, which has previously given them license to speak about certain events more openly than, say, William and Kate ever could.

For example, Mike Tindall has his own podcast called “The Good, the Bad, and the Rugby.” And Town & Country reports that he stepped up to defend the actions of Prince Louis. “

“Louis, he gets — he was just wanting to have fun. And my two are always mischievous, so it was trying to keep a lid on,” he said. “There are a lot of sweets out back though, so they had complete sugar highs.”

Both the defense and the justification make a lot of sense. And at first, it looked like Kate wasn’t overly concerned about her son’s behavior. Now, though, an expert thinks Kate has a very specific worry that she hasn’t openly expressed.

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Kate worried about the media attention on Louis?

According to royal expert Ingrid Seward, Kate might be quietly freaking out about Louis, but not for the reasons you’d expect. According to the Mirror, Seward said, “I think Kate has to wrap some semblance of normality around [their children], because she knows what [royal life] can do.” 

Continuing, she said, “She’s seen it; she’s been around long enough… but they’re not normal children, and I think it’s extremely hard to keep their little feet on the ground… I think this is a danger Kate’s very aware of. Louis at the Jubilee became a superstar, but that would have probably worried her a bit.”

This is a very fair point. Historically, media attention has been a real double-edged sword for members of the Royal Family. The media helps to keep royals famous, but the media also influences public perception of those royals.

Kate understands this all too well. Her brother- and sister-in-law, Harry and Meghan, have frequently cited negative media attention as one of the reasons they stepped back from royal responsibilities and fled England altogether.

The media that adores Louis today could make people hate him tomorrow. And this could seriously affect everything from the way Louis learns and grows to how he approaches his own royal responsibilities. Quite frankly, if Kate isn’t worried about this media focus on her son, it’s never too early to start!