8 Things You Didn’t Know About Prince Louis

Who is fifth in line from the British throne but still managed to make history?

No, we’re not working on riddles to torment Batman with. Instead, we’re referencing Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child, Prince Louis.

Born on April 23, 2018, Louis is now four years old. The Royal Family are very private and protective about their children, especially when they are young. Because of this, most people don’t know much about the young prince.

Fortunately, we pieced together enough details to tell you what Louis is really like. Keep reading to learn all about the latest addition to William and Kate’s family!

Big flower fan

Is it nature or nurture? We’ll never know the answer, but it seems that Prince Louis inherited his mother’s love of the great outdoors.

People reports that Kate took Louis to a special “Back to Nature” festival and bonded with other mothers. One of those mothers, Sarah Griffiths, revealed what Kate told her about Louis: “She was telling us how her son Louis loves smelling flowers. He enjoys being outside.”

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A very special name

Like other royals, Prince Louis has several parts to his name. While there is no surname for him to worry about, his full name is Louis Arthur Charles. And each part of his name has a special meaning.

For example, the name “Louis” actually means “renowned warrior.” That’s why, if you were curious, there have been so many people named “King Louis” throughout history. Meanwhile, the “Arthur” name is a family tradition (both William and Charles have “Arthur” as a middle name) and has associations with the King Arthur legend. Finally, the name “Charles” helps to honor Prince Charles, the grandfather of Louis.

His birth was announced via a town crier

The Royal Family is steeped in many different traditions. Some of those traditions are, of course, outdated and even problematic. Others are just downright hilarious!

For example, the birth of Prince Louis was announced by an honest-to-god town crier! The elderly Tony Appleton is London’s “Official Town Crier” and has a delightfully-garish official outfit. Despite having no affiliation with the Royal Family, he has formally announced the birth of royal children on multiple occasions. In a true nod to tradition, he always gets the crowd’s attention by shouting “Oyez, oyez, oyez,” announcing the birth of the child, and ending with “God save the Queen.”

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His favorite superhero is Spider-Man

In most respects, Prince Louis isn’t like other young children. But he has one important thing in common with the average kid: a love of the Marvel superhero Spider-Man!

According to GoodtoKnow, William and Kate were taking a royal trip to Scotland when Kate was shown a collection of Hulk and Spider-Man toys by local mom Joanna Wales. At this point, Kate revealed that “Louis our little boy loves Spider-Man, too.”

Can you imagine the Royal Family sitting around watching Spider-Man: No Way Home? Maybe this weird thought will help us forget that town crier outfit.

The fight for his title

Prince Louis has the kind of title many would kill for. However, he wouldn’t have that title if not for the effort of his parents. And they certainly weren’t thinking of Louis at the time!

Ahead of the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Queen changed an old law (presumably at William and Kate’s request) that said that only the first grandson of Prince Charles would be given an official title. This law pushed women down in the line of succession in favor of male heirs, and changing the law meant that Princess Charlotte secured both her title and her place in the line of succession.

Speaking of that line, Louis is fifth in line for the throne. Under the old law, he would have been known as “Lord Louis” rather than “Prince Louis.” Thanks to the change in law, he now has the same title as his brother, Prince George, as well as his father, uncle, and grandfather.

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A (literal) heavy burden for his mother

Mothers often speak (sometimes jokingly, sometimes less so) about their children being a heavy burden. However, Kate Middleton has the receipts if she ever decides to call Louis a burden!

That’s because Louis came into the world weighing eight pounds, seven ounces. That’s generally considered a heavy baby weight all around the world. And when it comes to the Royal Family, Reader’s Digest reports that Louis is the heaviest Cambridge baby in the last one hundred years!

He rode a bike to the nursery

Here’s a fun fact: royals are actually forbidden from having their own individual social media accounts. But this doesn’t keep them from sending cute stuff in to get posted online by the Kensington Royal Instagram account!

One thing William and Kate had posted was an adorable photo of Prince Louis on a bright red bike. According to the caption, he was riding that bike to his first day of nursery.

Geez, Louis… you’re already part of one of the richest and most famous families in the world. Did you have to flex on those kids with your cool bike, too?

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His hilarious first word

It’s a bit of a false stereotype that children’s first words usually end up being some version of “mama” or “daddy.” In reality, first words can be almost anything, and it’s usually what you’d least expect!

Kate Middleton knows this all too well. As reported by Harper’s Bazaar, Kate said that one of the first words the young prince said was “Mary.” But why Mary? As she told famous TV chef Mary Berry, “One of Louis’ first words was ‘Mary’ because right at his height are all my cooking books in the kitchen bookshelf. And children are really fascinated by faces and your faces are all over your cooking books and he would say, ‘That’s Mary Berry!’ So he would definitely recognize you if he saw you today.”

Wait, does this mean that Louis loves both Spider-Man and The Great British Bake-Off? Finally, a royal we can really relate to!