Why Haven’t Melania and Donald Trump Split Up Yet?

Things aren’t looking great right now for Donald Trump, and that’s putting it mildly. He is currently making history in the worst possible way as the first former President of the United States to be the subject of a criminal trial. This is airing out even more of his dirty laundry, something that can be even more disastrous in a year when he is hoping to win the presidential election once again.

Given how stressful all of this must be on their marriage (on top of all the scandals and high-profile allegations of affairs), many have been asking why Melania Trump hasn’t tried to divorce her husband. Why haven’t these two split up? It turns out many things are likely keeping them together…keep reading to discover some of the likeliest reasons these two are standing strong in the face of all this chaos.

Helping him get elected gives Melania more power and influence

It’s not hard to see the political ambitions of Donald Trump. He came out of nowhere to become the GOP presidential candidate in 2016 and shocked the world by defeating Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton and becoming President of the United States. After getting defeated by Joe Biden in the 2020 election, Trump is currently running against the man again and hopes to serve a second time as president.

However, many people overlook the fact that Melania Trump is very ambitious as well. Her time as First Lady of the United States was the completion of an epic journey in which she went from being a relatively poor immigrant to being a wealthy woman married to the most powerful person in the world. Trump’s power, though, was tied to his political office, and the same could be said for Melania.

She wielded immense power and influence over the entire United States and, by extension, the world when she was FLOTUS. If she wants that kind of power once again, she can only achieve it by sticking with Donald Trump.

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They already spend plenty of time apart

Pop quiz: why do you think so many people get divorced? Most of the time, it has to do with the fact that they just can’t live with each other any longer. When the love goes away and you start seeing your spouse as nothing more than a roommate, it only takes so long before you might start to think you’d like to kick that roommate out and live on your own.

That’s not really an issue for Donald and Melania Trump because even when they live together, they both enjoy spending time on their own. As Business Insider reports, Kate Bennett revealed in her book Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography that the couple had their own bedrooms on completely different floors of the White House. 

Furthermore, Melania biographer Mary Jordan told The Guardian “I don’t know any couple that spends as much time apart…They are often in the same building, but nowhere near each other.” Of the Trumps, Jordan claims “She is a loner. He is a loner. They’re perfectly happy to be separated.” In other words, if the two of them already enjoy all the alone time they desire, what’s the point of going through with a divorce?

Melania wants to live the good life

It might go without saying, but another reason that Melania Trump is unlikely to ever divorce Donald Trump is that he helps her to lead a very comfortable and pampered lifestyle. While Melania has some money in her own right, it’s an open secret that marriage to Donald Trump helps her enjoy the best of everything she could ever want in life. She’s also able to offer the best to her son Barron, something evident in her admission to ABC News that she used to give her son caviar-infused moisturizer each and every night when he was seven.

Speaking of Barron, both he and Melania have a significant financial stake in preserving her marriage to Donald Trump. As the Washington Post reported, Mary Jordan claimed in her biography of Melania that the real reason the FLOTUS didn’t move into the White House right away was that she wanted to take “care of Barron” by renegotiating her prenup. Even with a better prenup, though, the simple truth is that Melania and her son will get more money by keeping the marriage alive.

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The best way to get Donald Trump re-elected

We have established how getting Donald Trump back into the White House is Melania’s best shot at preserving her own power, wealth, and influence. That leads to the simplest reason to stay married to the man: if she divorces him now, she loses her chance of ever being FLOTUS again.

In addition to the fact that a Donald Trump election victory without Melania would rob her of these opportunities, America hasn’t actually elected a single present since Grover Cleveland in 1886. Long story not very short, Donald and Melania need to stay married so that both of them have the best chances of getting the money and power they crave!