The Royal Family’s Biggest Snubs of Harry and Meghan’s Kids

These days, you’d have to be living on a different planet to not know how much the Royal Family dislikes Harry and Meghan. They didn’t seem too keen on this duo back when they lived in England. Ever since the two moved to America and began to reveal all sorts of family secrets, though, this family relationship has gotten chillier and chillier.

With that being said, most people expected “the Firm” to be a bit nicer to the children of these royal rebels. So far, though, that hasn’t been the case. Ready for high tea and highly entertaining gossip? Keep reading to discover the Royal Family’s biggest snubs of Harry and Meghan’s kids!

The kids weren’t invited to the coronation

The death of Queen Elizabeth in 2022 took all of us by surprise. After waiting the proper amount of time, King Charles was coronated in May 2023, and this turned into a major family celebration for the royals. However, it seems that not all of the family was invited.

Some sources with insider info told The Daily Beast that Harry and Meghan’s children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, weren’t invited to the coronation. Other sources claim that Meghan willingly made the decision to stay in America with the kids rather than go honor Charles. Either way, it sounds like this family feud isn’t ending anytime soon.

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King Charles ditched Lilibet’s christening

If Meghan Markle really did decide to snub Charles in May 2023 by skipping his coronation, it’s possible she was still salty about something that happened two months earlier. In March, Lilibet was christened, and both Charles and Prince William were invited. However, neither of them attended, and many considered that a major insult to Harry and Meghan.

It’s possible, of course, that this wasn’t a snub on the Royal Family’s part so much as it was a very practical consideration. Alleged insiders told the Mirror, “To have the two most senior royals and their wives fly to the States for Lilibet’s christening would have been a massive operation both in terms of security and planning.”

To make this drama juicier, some think Meghan deliberately had the christening in California to cause this minor scandal. After all, if she really wanted senior royals to attend her daughter’s christening, there was nothing to keep her from holding this event in England.

Not on the Queen’s guest list

One cold comfort that Harry and Meghan can take about being snubbed by the Royal Family is that most of this seems to be coming from Charles and William. When she was still alive, the Queen seemingly had a positive relationship with her grandchildren. But on one occasion, even she seemed to snub Harry and Meghan’s kids.

Back in 2022, the Queen spent some time in her beloved Balmoral. Initially, there were reports that she had invited Harry, Meghan, and their two children to attend, prompting speculation that there might finally be some royal reconciliation. However, insiders later told Page Six that none of the Sussexes–Harry, Meghan, Archie, and Lilibet–were invited.

Nobody’s entirely sure why she would have snubbed the family, but some think it might be due to some of the royal gossip from Harry’s memoir. In that case, the prince himself might have closed the door on ever reconciling with his famous family.

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Denying the kids an important title

It’s easy for most of us to stand back and judge, but titles are very important to the Royal Family. Giving someone new titles is often a show of respect. Conversely, withholding expected titles is one of the loudest ways to signal their disapproval.

You guessed it: this is what happened with Archie and Lilibet. It took a long time to get them added to the line of succession (arguably a major snub in and of itself), and when they were added, their titles were simply “master” and “miss.” Charles later gave them the titles of “prince” and “princess,” but they were denied the HRH (His Royal Highness) honorific.

Again, that may not seem like a big deal to most people. But The Sun reports some hot goss from an insider: “They have been left furious that Archie and Lilibet cannot take the title HRH.”

Not wishing the kids a happy birthday

Arguably, one of the simplest ways the Royal Family could honor Harry and Meghan’s kids is by publicly acknowledging their birthdays. However, they ended up snubbing both children on different occasions.

For example, in 2023, there was no acknowledgment of Lilibet’s birthday. One insider told Us Weekly that “There is no and has never been protocol for wishing happy birthdays to non-working members of the royal family,” though this didn’t keep the family from wishing her a happy birthday the year before. They did the same thing to Archie in 2024, and we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether these were intentional snubs or just a side effect of royal protocol.

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