The Real Reason We Never See Prince Harry’s Children

One of the most reliable aspects of the Royal Family is pride in their children. It’s one of the reasons that the public got used to royals like Prince William and Kate Middleton bringing their children to official events and generally sharing cute images of the kids with the world.

There are two big exceptions to this royal rule, and that’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Sure, we’ve been graced with very occasional photos of their two children, but for the most part, these two seemingly want to keep their kids hidden away.

What’s going on with these unconventional royals, and what are the real reasons we never see their children? Keep reading to find our!

Keeping the kids hidden

First, we need to address your biggest question: why are we saying Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are keeping their kids hidden? After all, you can find some photos they have shared online, and it’s not like their family lives in a secluded bunker. 

Mostly, it all comes down to how few photos of the children we’ve ever seen. Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet may not be completely hidden from the world, but we just don’t see them nearly as often as we see Prince William’s kids.

That becomes even weirder when you consider that Harry and Meghan have a docuseries on Netflix, and Meghan has returned to Instagram to launch a new lifestyle brand. These would theoretically be the perfect platforms to share candid family photos, but Archie and Lilibet remain mostly hidden away except for a few special occasions.

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It all goes back to “Megxit”

If you know anything about Harry and Meghan, you know about “Megxit,” the cheeky nickname for the event where this couple stepped down from royal duties and left England, eventually settling in America. The couple had many reasons for leaving, and understanding those reasons helps us understand why they are cautious about sharing pictures of the kids online.

For example, one of the bombshell revelations in this couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey is that negative tabloid press was one of the reasons Meghan began to have thoughts about self-harm. For a couple that has extensive experience with how cruel and manipulative the press can be, it’s understandable they would want to keep their kids relatively hidden.

Some of the pressure to leave allegedly came from the Royal Family itself: according to Harry, an unnamed senior member of The Firm expressed concerns over how dark her son’s skin would be after he was born. Facing tabloid pressure without and racism within, Harry and Meghan fled England, and they likely want their children to have a life lived with as few headlines as possible.

The role of racial violence

Harry and Meghan saw America as a place for a new start. However, one thing that isn’t exactly new in America is racial strife and outright hostility some have towards people of color. Obviously, the couple lives in a very posh area, but they may always be worried about external threats from crazed bigots.

Such worry would be reason enough to keep their kids hidden away. As Meghan can attest to, the British tabloids can be absolutely vicious, and a new life in America means any bad press will be amplified by tabloids from sea to sea. By keeping prying eyes away from their kids, Harry and Meghan can limit both negative tabloid headlines and the dangerous actions of the people driven to violence (in either country) by said headlines.

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Worries over social media

One concern that Harry and Meghan have is something that every parent can sympathize with. Namely, they don’t want their children using social media and are afraid of what will happen when they do. Meghan was very candid about this at their Archewell Foundation mental health summit last year, saying she’s simultaneously happy that her kids aren’t trying to use social media now and worried about how this technology keeps changing and she will have to deal with it sooner rather than later.

Previously, Meghan has been very candid about the negative experiences she has had on social media with unhinged people posting one criticism after another. By keeping her kids off social media, Meghan can limit their exposure to such negativity. And honestly, who (child or adult) would want such bad vibes in their lives?

Will these royal children stay hidden forever?

As you can tell, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are doing their best to keep images of their children out of newspapers and off of social media. That leads to the big question: will these kids always be hidden away?

Honestly, the only ones who can tell you that are the children themselves. Harry and Meghan seem pretty progressive, and if their children wanted to pursue their own careers and become public figures, these royal patriarchs would likely support that decision. But unless and until Archie and Lilibet are making their own requests to be more visible, don’t expect to see these young royals anytime soon.

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