Who’s the Richest of the Royal Family’s Children? Hint: It’s Not George!

The phrase “rich and famous” might as well have been coined to describe the Royal Family. Each royal is famous from long before the moment they are born, and that royal bloodline keeps them famous until the day they die. In the meantime, those family connections help make these children instantly wealthy, giving them riches to match their celebrity.

Of course, all royal children receive the same blessings of fame and fortune that come from inheriting both a big name and a small fortune. But which of the Royal Family’s children is actually the wealthiest? Keep reading…the answer may shock you!

Who is the wealthiest of the Royal Family’s children?

Most people would imagine Prince George to be the wealthiest of the Royal Family’s kids. It’s not hard to see why: George is the oldest son of Prince William, the future King of England. This means that George will one day be king just like dear old dad, so you’d expect him to also be the wealthiest of William’s kids and, by extension, the wealthiest royal child in the world.

Interestingly, though, it’s not George that takes the crown (so to speak) for inherited wealth. According to Good to Know, Princess Charlotte is the wealthiest of the Royal Family’s children and, therefore, the wealthiest child in the world with an overall worth of £3.6 billion.

This may seem shocking at first because Charlotte isn’t set to inherit the same level of fancy titles and riches as her older brother. But to understand how Charlotte became the wealthiest child in the world, we need to take a closer look at the influence of her famous mother, Kate Middleton.

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Princess Charlotte’s wealth explained

It’s easy to be surprised at the idea that Charlotte is worth more than her older brother, the future King of England. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the wealth of a royal is not necessarily limited to the exact amount they are worth.

Kate Middleton is a perfect example of this. As someone who married into the royals and who won’t be monarch of her country, Kate’s wealth seems like it would pale compared to Prince William. Nonetheless, Kate’s popularity, combined with her fashion sense, has impacted the economy in other ways.

For example, when Kate rocks a dress in public, that dress typically sells out immediately. The message is simple: Kate is popular enough to wield an economic power that goes beyond inherited wealth. And Charlotte is likely going to follow in her footsteps, attaining the kind of “royal influencer” status that her brothers and father could never really pull off.

How wealthy is Prince George?

While Prince George may not be as wealthy as his younger sister, that doesn’t mean his fortune is anything to sneeze at. Right now, this future King of England is worth £2.4 billion, making him one of the wealthiest kids in the world (his baby sister notwithstanding, of course).

Of course, when it comes to the wealth of children who are so influential, it’s worth noting that their financial status is very fluid. George may “only” be worth this amount now, but he could very well be worth much more by the time he sits down on the throne. Then again, by that time, we wouldn’t be surprised if Charlotte was a wealthy fashionista in her own right!

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What about Prince Louis?

Prince Louis is the youngest of William and Kate’s children. Therefore, it only makes sense that he isn’t worth as much as his older siblings. Then again, being the poorest child of Prince William means that Louis has never been poor and never will be.

But how “not poor” are we talking? Right now, this young prince is worth a cool £1 billion. That makes him the 13th wealthiest child in the entire world. Some say that thirteen is an unlucky number, but honestly, we think this pint-sized prince is going to be just fine.

Don’t forget about Harry and Meghan’s children

For better or for worse, it’s difficult to compare anything having to do with William and Kate without making comparisons to Harry and Meghan. This foursome was once fiercely tight, but they’ve been having a falling out for a long time, and their relationship was strained even further when Harry and Meghan stepped back from most of their royal responsibilities and left England, ultimately settling in America.

While “Megxit” has created plenty of drama for the Royal Family, it certainly hasn’t hurt the prospects of Harry and Meghan’s children. Right now, their first child, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, is worth £32 million. In other words, he may not be the wealthiest kid in the world, but he is the 17th wealthiest minor. And given Harry & Meghan’s track record of securing sweetheart media deals, we wouldn’t be surprised if Archie becomes worth even more once he is closer to adulthood. 

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