Harry and Meghan: A Marriage In Serious Trouble?

From the outside looking in, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to have one of the strongest royal relationships. After all, they have stood by each other’s side as they make unprecedented moves, including stepping down from most royal responsibilities and fleeing England to ultimately settle in America.

However, there seems to be more and more evidence that all of this drama has been driving these two apart rather than bringing them closer together. Just what have these two been doing behind closed doors, and why do we think their marriage is in trouble? Keep reading to find out!

Harry spending time in hotels without Meghan?

One of the more telling signs that a marriage is in trouble is when the couple keeps spending more and more time apart. On a related note, sources close to Prince Harry recently told The Sun that the royal has a room regularly reserved at a hotel close to the home he shares with Meghan. The reason for this is simple: Harry allegedly likes to spend the night alone when he wants some time away from his family.

Honestly, this would make most spouses suspicious by itself because it leads to speculation about whether there is an affair going on. But even without an affair, it raised our eyebrows that Harry has also allegedly been spending more and more time in San Vicente Bungalows in Los Angeles, a private club where he can get away from it all. It sounds like the prince is spending time everywhere but at home these days!

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Prince Harry shills his memoir without Meghan

Thanks to that bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, we’ve known for a while now that King Charles was all too happy to financially cut Prince Harry off once he decided to go through with “Megxit.” That led to various media deals in America that would allow Harry and Meghan to continue living a life of luxury. And Harry’s memoir Spare was the result of those deals, with the prince jumping at the chance to tell his side of his life’s story while airing even more dirty royal laundry than usual.

Here’s where it gets spicy, though: though the book went on to sell over 1.43 million copies on its first day, Meghan Markle wasn’t convinced Harry should write it. In fact, The Telegraph reports that Meghan didn’t want Harry to dish out so much royal dirt, and she was notably absent when Harry was promoting the book. This led some to conclude that instead of standing by her man, Meghan was doing her best to avoid any of the drama fallout from Harry’s first literary foray.

Meghan skipped out on King Charles’ coronation

Recently, Prince Harry made the trip back to England to attend his father’s coronation. And while King Charles was certainly the man of the hour, many couldn’t help but see this as a chance for Harry to get some much-needed redemption by positively interacting with his family rather than hurling past drama at them through tabloid headlines.

We don’t know exactly what Harry did or didn’t say to Charles and the rest of the family, but he looked deeply uncomfortable while he was there. One possible reason for that is that Meghan Markle was nowhere to be found. To her credit, the official reason she stayed home is that Charles was getting coronated on her son’s birthday, which is the same reason Harry flew back home shortly afterward. But a more cynical way of looking at things is that she declined to bring the rest of the family to England, leaving an uncomfortable Harry to twist in the proverbial wind.

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Meghan keeps “forgetting” their engagement ring

Some of the evidence on this list is a bit more circumstantial, but when added to the rest of the pile, it looks fairly damning. The best example of this is the simple fact that Meghan Markle has been spotted in public several times without wearing the engagement ring that Harry had made for her…the one that incorporates diamonds taken from Princess Diana’s own jewelry.

The first time this happened, Meghan was pregnant with Archie, and most people assumed that she was just worried about the difficulty of later removing the ring from her swollen fingers. Later, though, she ditched the ring while attending the Women of Vision Awards in New York, and again on a recent trip to Los Angeles. There could be all kinds of reasons for this, but stepping out without such a ring will always look more than a bit suspicious!

Meghan is reinventing her Hollywood career

Meghan Markle was an accomplished actor when she first met Prince Harry. She left that world behind once they got married, and she recently dipped her toes back in the pool with the Harry & Meghan docuseries on Netflix. Now, though, it looks like she’s diving fully back in, and she’s not bringing Harry with her.

Recently, Meghan signed with the William Morris Endeavor in order to reignite her career as a celebrity. Interestingly, she is doing this on her own, meaning she will be pursuing roles and projects without Harry by her side. While this could simply mean she is getting bored and wanting to get back to work, others think it’s a bad sign for her marriage. In fact, royal guru Tom Bower said as much to Marca, explosively claiming that “there are many now in London who say Meghan is getting tired of Harry” and that she may be ringing King Charles about a divorce any day now.

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Various sources say this marriage is on the rocks

One of the reasons it’s difficult to say how Harry and Meghan’s relationship is doing is that those speaking with the most authority about the two breaking up are highly biased. For example, former lover of Princess Diana and current hater of Prince Harry, Paul Burrell, keeps saying their marriage is in trouble, with his wife going so far as to claim that Harry has started looking for a divorce lawyer. And Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha recently told GB News that when Meghan seemingly rejected Harry on the kiss cam of an NBA game, it could have been “a symbol of separation” and a definitive “statement on her part that she’s not all that touchy-feely right now.”

Of course, we can’t ignore that Burrell has made quite a bit of money sharing Diana’s royal dirt, and Samantha has already written an entire book trying to ride on her famous sister’s coattails. Therefore, while these two may be completely correct about Harry and Meghan’s marriage imploding, part of us would be wary if they told us that water was wet. At any rate, only time will tell if this famous duo needs an exit from their Megxit.