The Truth About Donald Trump’s Lawyer, Alina Habba

Right now, Donald Trump is juggling one legal trouble after another. Going into the 2024 election, it’s very important for him to weather his current criminal trial and emerge as the strongest possible rival to run against incumbent President Joe Biden. Fortunately for Trump, his lawyer Alina Habba is uniquely poised to defend this former president.

Considering how important she is to Donald Trump’s future, it’s surprising how few people (both Trump supporters and critics) don’t know much about her. Who is Alina Habba? What are her qualifications for this job, and how did she meet Donald Trump in the first place? Keep reading to find out!

Alina Habba’s legal experience

Obviously, Alina Habba is a lawyer. But what does she specialize in? Right now, we know that she is the managing partner of Habba Madaio & Associates LLP. She was hired for her experience in very specific fields of law, including construction, corporate litigation, commercial real estate, family law, and financial services. 

With this much experience under her belt, she may be able to help pull Donald Trump out of some very hot water. On top of that, she previously held a prestigious job as a legal clerk for the former Presiding Judge of the Civil Superior Court in Essex County, New Jersey.

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Her parents have an incredible story

You could argue that Alina Habba is currently living through an incredible story she will one day share with friends and family. After all, how many lawyers can say they once helped defend a former President of the United States? However, when it comes to having an awesome story to share with others, Habba is going to have a hard time beating the story her parents share.

Her parents are both Chaldean Catholics who once lived in Iraq. Facing persecution for their beliefs, the pair ended up moving to America and starting a new life in the ‘80s. Alina Habba was part of that new life: she was born in New Jersey. Now, things have come full circle and Habba is attempting to give back to this country in her own unique way by defending Donald Trump in court.

The most stylish lawyer around?

We already covered some of Alina Habba’s impressive legal experience, but that doesn’t cover all of her work history. We were surprised to discover that at one point, she worked for Marc Jacobs. If you don’t already know, this is a high-end fashion label, one that most lawyers know very little about.

Perhaps as a side effect of her time at Marc Jacobs, Habba is one of the most stylish lawyers around. Look closely and you’ll see that she’s often sporting tailored suits and designer handbags. No judgments here…it’s important to look your best when the eyes of the world are on you!

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What we know about Habba’s husband

In a wise move, Alina Habba has kept most details about her family to herself. One public detail we are aware of, however, is that she married Greg Reuben in 2020. Honestly, the fact that she married someone at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and its worldwide shutdowns is already pretty impressive.

What do we know about Reuben, though? Not much: he invests in a commercial property and owns a parking management company in New York. That sounds like a wise investment, as “the city that never sleeps” is always going to need some places for people to park.

Together, they have three children: a nine-year-old son, a seven-year-old daughter, and a 15-year-old boy. For better or for worse, those children will grow up in the shadow of Habba’s time defending Donald Trump.

A controversy over previous statements

For the most part, Alina Habba has kept her head down and avoided jumping into any controversies. However, she has been continuously haunted by what she said in an old interview on the topic of feminism. Like her future client Donald Trump, Habba had a moment where she spoke from the heart before realizing just how much it would anger the people around her.

In an episode of the PBD podcast, she basically admitted she’s not a feminist because she likes the idea that her good looks can benefit her career. “I don’t think I’d be on TV or sitting here if I didn’t look the way I look. I think I caught attention,” she said, “I’m very honest about that and I don’t mind. I’m not a feminist, I believe in strong women but I want my door opened [for me].”

Many were horrified she would undermine feminism, seen as a shared cause for women around the world. However, Habba’s brutally practical views on life and success may very well help her clients, including Donald Trump. At this point, he may need the most ruthless lawyer he can get, and Habba fits the bill!

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How Habba met Donald Trump

It seems like a former president could get any lawyer he wanted. Why did he go with Alina Habba, then? There are many possible reasons, but it probably comes down to the fact that he was already very familiar with her.

It turns out that Habba is a golfer, and when she was working at a nearby legal firm, she joined Donald Trump’s Bedminster golf club. They met there in 2019 and apparently hit it off enough to become friends with the family…in addition to representing Donald Trump, she is friends with Eric Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle, better known as Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancee.