5 Times Harry and Meghan Got the Cold Shoulder From Royals Since Queen Elizabeth Died

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been nonstop drama machines ever since they stepped back from serving as working royals and left England altogether, eventually settling into a new life in America. Since then, they have spilled tea about the Royal Family in interviews with Oprah, in their Netflix docuseries, and even in Harry’s exceedingly pouty memoir.

While we’re sure these two had great fun in these moments, they have repeatedly found out that the royals they have been trying to shame know how to hit back at the only thing Harry and Meghan seem to care about: their public image. Accordingly, the family has found many ways (some very creative, others just downright blunt) of giving these rebellious royals the cold shoulder.

Time to get down to cases. Keep reading to discover the most extreme times that Harry and Meghan were given the cold shoulder by the rest of the Royal Family!

Not invited to Queen Elizabeth’s commemoration

Even her biggest critics had to admit that the death of Queen Elizabeth was effectively the end of an entire era. It was a big deal around the world and especially in England, and that’s why the Royal Family made plans for a special commemoration in the Queen’s honor one year after her death.

This wasn’t a public event and was instead held at the Royal Family’s Balmoral castle. Most royals were in attendance with two notable exceptions: Harry and Meghan, neither of whom received an invitation! Adding salt to the wound was the fact that they would already be in Europe (specifically, Germany) the very next day for the Invictus Games. It would have been easy for them to attend, but it seems the rest of the family just didn’t want them there (ouch!).

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Charles’ coronation date was on Archie’s birthday

After Queen Elizabeth died, the public got to learn more about the coronation process for the next monarch. For example, Charles immediately became King when Elizabeth died, but he wouldn’t be officially coronated for many months. Ultimately, it would be up to Charles (with the help of the rest of the Royal Family) to pick the coronation date that worked best.

Interestingly, Charles just happened to choose the exact same date for his coronation that Prince Harry’s son, Archie, was born. This could have been a big coincidence, but the final result of this timing was that Meghan had to stay home with Archie and Harry had to leave as soon as coronation was over to return home for his son’s birthday party. In other words, Charles couldn’t have picked a better date to mess with the royals that have been thorns in his side, and we’re pretty sure he did that on purpose. 

That time Harry and Meghan got evicted

The very idea of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving England and settling in America is pretty weird to think about. The rest of the royals think so, too, which is probably why Beatrice is the only one who ever bothered visiting Harry. Still, after the events of “Megxit,” most people assumed that the door would always be open for the couple to return.

While that door hasn’t been officially closed, the two have gotten some heavy hints they aren’t welcome back. The heaviest of these hints concerns Frogmore Cottage, the beautiful estate given to Harry and Meghan by Queen Elizabeth to be their marriage home. But after it was clear that Harry and Meghan weren’t coming back any time soon (and especially after Harry talked trash about the Royal Family in his memoir), the Palace asked them to pack their things and leave.

That’s pretty brutal on their own. But the cottage was then offered to Prince Andrew (someone who lost his own working royal status due to friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein), showing just how low Harry really ranks on the royal totem pole.

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Snubbed at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Harry and Meghan weren’t just given the cold shoulder at Queen Elizabeth’s memorial after her death. They were also snubbed at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in a way that was completely obvious to the entire world.

For example, it was easy to notice that Meghan Markle was being boxed out and mostly ignored by other members of the Royal Family. And both Harry and Meghan were given poor seats located directly behind the now-disgraced Prince Andrew (another reminder of where the family thinks they rank). Furthermore, because Harry was no longer a working royal, he wasn’t allowed to wear his military uniform to his own grandmother’s funeral!

No invitation to the Trooping of the Colour

If you don’t already know, the Trooping of the Colour is one of the biggest annual events for the Royal Family. And the one in 2023 was particularly important because it was the first of these events since Charles was coronated as King.

Most of the Royal Family was invited to the event along with some notable exceptions: Harry, Meghan, and Prince Andrew. Many couldn’t help but speculate that Charles didn’t invite Harry and Meghan because of all the drama they have stirred up and because Charles isn’t quite ready to mend things with his son. The fact that Andrew was also not invited reflects poorly on Harry and Meghan as well: in the eyes of the Royal Family, the royal couple’s actions of late merit the same level of shame afforded to Andrew, a seeming friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s who had to settle out of court after getting sued for raping a 17-year-old girl!

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