Photos of King Charles He Never Wanted Us to See

Recently, King Charles was officially coronated. The ceremony had all the pomp and circumstance of the most important royal affairs. From Charles on down, everyone in the Royal Family wore their best finery. The message was simple: the world is watching, and the family needed to dazzle like never before.

Normally, Charles himself does a great job of modeling what a stern and serious royal should look like. However, even Charles lets his hair down from time to time. And this has resulted in some of the most embarrassing photos in royal history!

Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover the most embarrassing photos of King Charles III.

Balloon coronation

So, we kind of missed the official coronation ceremony the other day. Was it any good? Somehow, we doubt it had any moments as hilarious as Charles putting on a balloon crown!

Getting his hands dirty

Even among royals, Charles has a well-earned reputation for being extra uptight about everything from where he eats to how he goes to the bathroom (oh, you better believe he brings his own toilet seat when traveling). That’s why we were positively shocked to see King Charles diving into this colorful cake using only his hands.

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Bonding with man’s best friend

It’s easier to relate to King Charles in some of these photos than others. For example, we can’t deny that this is a very goofy image. However, if we saw a cute dog all dressed up like this, we’re going to do the same as Charles: drop everything so we can meet the perky pooch!

A Spice…Boy?

Being a member of the Royal Family is like being a cross between a celebrity and a politician. And that line has never been thinner than in this image of the future King of England hanging out with none other than the Spice Girl. And honestly, the man looks like he was already regretting this photo for about 30 seconds before it was taken.

Laughing at dank memes

Let’s face it: whenever you see King Charles doing something silly like the rest of us do, it’s hard not to laugh. That’s especially true of this image, which apparently captures the moment Prince William shows his father a funny meme. Looks like even royals get bored of life from time to time and turn to their phones for entertainment!

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Looking like a cartoon character

Here’s the thing: King Charles is an avid skier, and the beanie is a time-honored choice for helping to protect your head from the elements. Nonetheless, we can’t help but laugh at how silly Charles looks in this particular photo. We’re sure it’s a hit around the holidays, however, whenever he wishes to speak to the three spirits of Christmas.

Taking time to laugh at the little things

Staffers never know quite what will set King Charles off on an angry tirade. But they also never know what is likely to crack the man up. Case in point: this hilarious photo captures the moment when Charles was served a drink that accidentally had two spoons, and he seemed to think it was the funniest thing he had ever seen!

Motorbike mania

As adults, no one ever offers us the chance to sit on a cool motorbike anymore. Honestly, if they did, we’d probably think it was just as cool as Biden does and have the same wild grin on our faces.

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So much for the stiff upper lip

As we have said many times before, King Charles is meant to be the ultimate model of the “stiff upper lip,” both for his family members and his country. Sometimes, though, even the king can’t keep himself contained. Here, we see a photo of a performance in which both Charles and Camilla were lost in uncontrollable laughter.

Charles meets his new consultants

Charles likely didn’t know what to expect when he visited the Military Families Resource Centre in 2014, but a walking, talking carrot wasn’t on the list. Nonetheless, the king was very charmed by the young man and moved to shake his hand. As for the man in question, we imagine he’ll be dining off the story of cosplaying in front of the King of England for a good, long time.

A repeat of the American Revolution?

Normally speaking, King Charles is very good around animals (as we saw earlier from him reaching for that cute pooch). But in 2015 at the Sandringham Flower Show, this particular eagle began aggressively flapping its wings. Charles reacted with the same fear that most of us would have had in his place, but we still can’t help but to laugh at his panicked face while the eagle does its thing!

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