14 Times the Royal Family Were “Royally” Caught Off Guard

Generally speaking, members of the Royal Family need to project confidence and calm wherever they go. They are the living representatives of England, with all the “stiff upper lip” protocol that you’d expect from this famous family.

But at the end of the day, the royals are just human, and they can get caught off guard just like the rest of us. This has resulted in some hilarious moments that, fortunately for us all, were caught on camera.

Want to see some “royally” silly images of King Charles and the rest of his family? Keep reading to discover just how weird this family can get!

Kate cracks up

While Kate Middleton is the future Queen of England, we’d like to nominate her for a new title: the queen of funny faces. In this image, we don’t know if she is cackling or about to go off on someone, but the simple truth is that we just…can’t…stop…staring at this enigmatic face.

Harry’s not digging this music

Part of being a member of the Royal Family is putting on a polite face for just about anything or anyone they encounter. However, when Prince Harry heard a choir singing while visiting this charity, he gave a look that said that he’d rather be listening to just about anything else!

Kate Middleton overpowered by strong drink?

For the most part, Kate Middleton has largely assumed “the people’s princess” moniker once enjoyed by Princess Diana. That’s because she has so many relatable moments such as this, where she seemingly realized only too late that the drink is much stronger than she expected (we’ve all been there, Kate).

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Queen Camilla has instant tattoo regret

While Queen Camilla would likely never get any permanent ink etched onto her body, she once thought it would be a good idea to get a temporary henna tattoo. It was only when the artist got started, though, that the queen realized what a bad idea this really was.

King Charles versus the eagle

This image of King Charles getting freaked out by a bald eagle instantly went viral, in large part due to the frightened face Charles is making. And considering the playful rivalry that still exists between England and America, it’s pretty funny to see an English monarch getting weirded out by an animal often used to symbolize the United States.

Queen Camilla has a bad day at the races

The Royal Family loves to go to events such as the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival. Presumably, they have fun, although something happened during this particular race that caused Camilla to make the world’s goofiest face (seriously, this might be our new favorite reaction image in our phones).

Prince Harry disapproves of William’s publicity

Sadly, Prince Harry and Prince William no longer have the close relationship they once did. However, back before Harry married Meghan Markle, he could jokingly make fun of his brother’s cover story and everyone knew he was just having a laugh rather than trying to hurt William.

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Prince Harry mugs for the cameras

These days, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children have been caught sticking their tongues out on different occasions. Given this photo of a young Prince Harry mugging for the camera with his tongue out, though, maybe this is the bad influence of their uncle at work.

Prince William gets an edge in a foot race

Since he’s the future King of England, Prince William doesn’t often get to let his hair down (uh, so to speak). But here, we see a very playful William getting ready to not only race Kate Middleton, but ready to give himself a big advantage before they start!

Camilla’s bad hair day

Queen Camilla is normally one of the most put-together royals we have ever seen during public appearances. Of course, that helps to make this photo of her insanely windswept hair that much more amusing.

Camilla is unsure about the ice cream

Somehow, we get the impression that the Royal Family doesn’t spend a lot of time chowing down on junk food. Still, we can’t get over this picture of Queen Camilla looking at some ice cream as if it is some alien thing that she had never even seen before.

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Harry’s funny football face

When he was younger and still living in England, Prince Harry was quite athletic and loved to play football matches from time to time. Although judging from the strange face he is making here, he might have a few regrets about getting down and dirty like this.

Prince William: armed with an airhorn

When the world isn’t watching, William and Kate have a really playful marriage that is nothing less than adorable. And we see that on display here, when William gets ready to blast Kate with an airhorn during the London marathon of 2017.

Kate Middleton becomes “her hairness”

As powerful as the Royal Family is, they have no control over the weather. This is why everyone with longer hair loses the occasional fight with the wind. In this case, poor Kate Middleton positively disappeared into her own hair!