Photos of Queen Consort Camilla She Never Wanted Us to See

Over the years, Queen Camilla has been one of the more scandalous royals. After all, it’s an open secret that she would never have sat down on the throne if she didn’t participate in an affair with Prince Charles back when he was married to Princess Diana.

Because Camilla entered the Royal Family in such a scandalous way, she has always been cautious about her appearance. She understands more than most how a bad photo or an unguarded moment can become tabloid fodder that makes the entire family look bad.

For the most part, Camilla does a great job of controlling her media appearances, but she has still taken quite a few photos she never wanted the world to see. What are these photos, and why is Camilla so nervous about them being discovered by the world? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Camilla at age four

Here, we see Camilla at the tender age of four (she’s the one on the left). She was a cute enough kid, but we can only imagine the Queen doesn’t like photographic reminders of a time when others had to dress her for special events.

Camilla’s first husband

These days, Camilla seems perfectly happy in her marriage to King Charles. But she was still married to Andrew Parker Bowles when she began dating Charles, which is what makes pictures of her wedding to Bowles that much more awkward.

Camilla finds her sidepiece

We don’t have too many photos from Camilla’s early days of her meeting with Charles. But we still have the occasional fun glimpse of early romance, including this photo of her meeting Charles after a polo match.

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Walk of shame?

Here, we see Camilla and a pre-Diana Charles walking together. There is a woman between Camilla and Charles, but don’t worry: that’s never been enough to stop her!

Making goofy faces

Somewhere along the way, this became the go-to image for media outlets discussing the early days of Charles and Camilla. We can only imagine this is a source of ongoing embarrassment considering each of them is wearing a very goofy face.

Meeting the other woman

Relatively speaking, there are plenty of images of Camilla meeting Princess Diana, her rival for Charles’ affection. In this image, as in so many of them, Diana looks less than pleased to be hanging out with the “other woman.”

A quietly scandalous photo

At first glance, this photo may not look very scandalous. But it shows Charles and Camilla leaving a birthday party at the Ritz for Camilla’s sister together, making this the first real photo of the two semi-officially dating after the death of Diana.

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Fall off the wagon but never the horse

Chugging booze on horseback isn’t exactly ladylike, so we imagine Camilla isn’t a fan of this photo. However, we have to admit: this looks like it would be major fun right up until you fall off the horse.

Who has the best knees?

We can’t deny that both Camilla and Charles look quite happy in this photo. At the same time, we’d personally be embarrassed to hang out near Charles when his knees are flashing themselves like a girl at Mardis Gras trying to score some beads.

Who wore it better?

As a senior royal, Charles knows what it’s like to blend in with the locals, especially when visiting places like Scotland. Given their coordinated look, though, Camilla simply has to be wondering who wore the “jacket and skirt” look better!

A stressful wedding

Here, we see Kate Middleton beaming after she married Prince William. As for Camilla, though, it looks like she’d rather be anywhere but at the wedding!

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Scolding Harry?

Here, we see a younger, downright impish-looking Prince Harry apparently getting the evil eye from Camilla. Given how Harry and Meghan have become a source of ongoing drama for the Royal Family, we imagine this photo is a bit bittersweet for her to look back on.

The circle of life

This strange photo shows Charles and Camilla holding some koalas that decided to make out. Charles seems amused by the whole thing, but Camilla looks genuinely horrified.

Not a fan of the eagles

At the time, most people made fun of Charles’ baffled expression when this eagle spread its wings. Now, though, we think it’s Camilla that is giving a reaction face for the ages.

Face time with Meghan

This photo captures the moment that Camilla shared a ride with Kate, Harry, and Meghan during the 2019 Trooping the Colour. Everyone seems happy at the time, but this image now serves as a bittersweet reminder of how stress-free the Royal Family was before “Megxit.”

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