King Charles Strikes Kate Middleton’s Favorite Dish From the Buckingham Palace Menu

We often add the words “like royalty” at the end of different phrases to indicate that someone is being a little too fancy with some of their decisions. For example, when your friend insists on eating at the swanky new place, you might joke that he really wants to eat like royalty.

But what do actual royals eat? In their private time, each royal indulges in their own preferences, but around Buckingham Palace, they are stuck with whatever is on the menu. And as you might imagine, what’s on the menu is largely left up to King Charles.

Recently, though, Charles decided to ban a certain item on the menu that just happens to be one of Kate Middleton’s favorite dishes. What did he ban, why did he do it, and how do we know Kate will be upset? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Charles the picky king

One thing you might not know about King Charles is that he is a very picky little royal. And not just when it comes to the Buckingham Palace menu!

As reported by The Economic Times, a former royal butler revealed that each morning, Charles needed to have his pajamas and his shoelaces properly pressed, and someone had to get his tub water to his perfect temperature (he likes it tepid, if you were curious). This is also a man that expects other people to squeeze his toothpaste out each morning, and he never travels anywhere without both his own toilet seat and his preferred toilet paper.

Long story not very short: Charles is a very picky king. And so when PETA and various advocates wanted the royals to stop eating foie gras, they knew they’d have to persuade Charles in order to see any royal results.

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Understanding the foie gras controversy

Never had foie gras before? Neither have we…in this economy, it’s tough for most people to eat like kings. But you don’t have to sit on a throne to understand why this dish is so controversial.

 “Foie gras” is a French term that means “fat liver” and, as you’d expect, is considered a French delicacy. The dish itself is the fattened liver of a duck or goose that has been force-fed certain ingredients, and this is where the controversy comes in.

The act of force-feeding the birds is considered animal cruelty by many people, and that’s why the practice has been outlawed in many countries, including the United Kingdom. But the dish can still be imported into the UK and has been a staple of royal meals for many years.

The royal history of foie gras

An interesting fact related to foie gras and the Royal Family is that things have seemingly come full circle. Back in 2008, there was a public campaign against serving this dish, and at the time, King Charles forbid his own chefs from serving it.

However, the late Queen Elizabeth was a big fan of this dish, and she had it served at various royal events in 2014 and 2016. Once she passed away, this practice become just a thing of the past. But to make sure foie gras stays a thing of the past, though, PETA decided to get involved.

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PETA gets involved

Since assuming the throne, King Charles has promised to be a gentler monarch who is more in line with the needs of both his people and the environment. And one of his bigger decisions was to extend his “no foie gras” policy so that it applies to all of Buckingham Palace rather than just his own properties.

In response, PETA praised “His Majesty’s compassionate policy” and how it extended from “Buckingham Palace and all other royal residences.” In this case, the “other royal residences” refers to Balmoral, Hillsborough Castle, Sandringham, and Windsor Castle. 

Charles embracing an alternative option?

Even though Charles is obviously no fan of foie gras, PETA decided that he should be rewarded for making this momentous decision. And that’s why they decided to send him an alternative to the foie gras that Queen Elizabeth once served at royal events.

According to PETA, they sent Charles “a hamper of decadent faux gras made by renowned vegan chef Alexis Gauthier.” We kind of doubt that Charles will partake of this himself (keep in mind that this is a guy who will bring his own personal chef to a dinner party you invite him to), but maybe this vegan alternative will win over some royals that really love foie gras.

Whether it will win over Kate Middleton, though, is another matter entirely!

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Charles’ decision is likely to anger Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is generally considered a down-to-earth royal that understands what the common people want. That doesn’t mean that she is without her own wealthy and controversial tastes, and you better believe that a love of foie gras is near the top of that list.

How do we know? Shortly before Kate Middleton married Prince William, she requested foie gras to be served at Koffmann’s restaurant in Knightsbridge. That means she has a real emotional connection to this dish, but it now looks like if Kate wants a taste of this forbidden flavor, she’ll have to travel outside Buckingham Palace to get it.