King Charles’ Outrageous List Of Demands Has People Rolling Their Eyes

King Charles' List Of Demands Has Everyone Rolling Their Eyes | InstantHub

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles has been transformed into King Charles III. But what if this was less of a transformation than just a revelation of who he really was all along?

For example, Charles has an insane list of daily demands for the staff who take care of him. And he has been living this way for years, so we can only imagine how bad things will get now that he is king.

Just what are some of the outrageous demands Charles has made?

King Charles’ outrageous list of demands revealed

As the New York Post reports, Charles’ staff at Clarence House (his residence since 2003) have a less-than-flattering nickname for Charles: “the pampered prince.” And thanks to a 2015 Amazon Prime documentary called Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm, we know how much it takes to pamper this particular prince.

Just getting Charles ready in the morning is like a minor military operation. He shoelaces must be ironed just right, and he needs a specific amount (once inch precisely) of toothpaste on his brush each morning. Additionally, his pajamas need to be pressed, and he has a certain way he wants his bath plug to be in. Speaking of baths, Charles demands only tepid water, and the tub must be half-full of water: no more, no less.

Relatively speaking, breakfast is a simple affair. Charles prefers homemade bread, fresh fruit, and fresh fruit juice. However, the stranger habit is that Charles has a special “breakfast box” that has dried fruit, multiple kinds of honey, and special mueslis in it. This box is so important to Charles that it must go wherever he goes.

When Charles does rock some carbs, he is equally fussy about them. He likes his cheese and biscuits to be a certain temperature, and so his staff must keep a special warming tray nearby as Charles eats.

Arguably, though, Charles’ weirdest quirk comes out when he travels somewhere to stay at a friend’s place. Allegedly, the King sends a huge van full of his favorite furniture, bed, pictures, and so on. His host is expecting to set everything up in a room so Charles can feel at home. 

And Charles also brings his own toilet seat when he travels, which makes a lot of sense. What’s a king, after all, without his throne?