Best Photos From Meghan Markle’s Deleted Instagram

Originally, it was pretty difficult to imagine Meghan Markle becoming British royalty. Not only was she an American and a celebrity, but she actively loved to show off her wild side on social media. And that doesn’t work well with the “stiff upper lip” lifestyle of royalty. In fact, Meghan often clashed with members of the upper royalty for a variety of reasons, and this all culminated in “Megxit,” the infamous event in which she and Harry stepped down from royal responsibilities and left England altogether.

Earlier in her royal relationship, though, Meghan didn’t want to ruffle too many feathers in the Royal Family. This is probably why she deleted her Instagram account. The last thing she’d want is for someone to dig up some weird old pics that make Prince Harry second-guess marrying her!

She didn’t want anything dug up, but sorry, Meghan: we already brought the shovels! Here are some of the best and absolute craziest photos from Meghan Markle’s deleted Instagram. Get ready to see the Duchess as you have never seen her before!

Meghan gives the raspberry

Careful if Meghan threatens to “give you a raspberry.” After all, she’s got raspberries to spare!

Double sipping at the bar

It’s okay, Meghan. We’ve all had the kind of day that makes us want to double up on wine as well!

Healthy choices

We might like to tease Meghan about double-fisting glasses of wine. But the wine probably tastes a lot better than this green juice (though the dog thinks it must take great).

Meghan gets her hands dirty

These days, Meghan never has to make her own food if she doesn’t want to. Back in the day, though, she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the kitchen!

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Rules of engagement

Many people have wondered how Meghan Markle was able to snag Prince Harry. Based on this image, we’re pretty confident she knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it!

Meghan loves Mexican

These days, it can feel tough to relate to Meghan, what with her being rich and famous. But at least we have one thing in common: a serious love of nachos!

Yoga Meghan

Meghan nominally posted this image to show her love of yoga. Showing off her insane flexibility to any princes who might be surfing Instagram was just a bonus!

Showing off humor

By now, Meghan and Prince Harry have moved multiple times before settling in America. But we like to think that she has taken this from house to house to show guests her weird sense of humor!

No season without selfies

Back in the day, you never knew when Meghan would post a selfie. Here, she may be stuck in an elevator and bundled in winter clothes, but she took the chance to take yet another cute selfie.

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Eating well

Well, it’s no greasy plate of nachos. But we guess this stunning culinary array is suitable for this future royal! And she’s not double-fisting the wine, so we can tell Meghan is really focused on the food this time around.

New shoes, new selfie

When Meghan got some cute new Uggs, she couldn’t resist taking a selfie. We just can’t get over her impishly puckered lips!

World traveler

Meghan Markle was actually a world traveler before she became a royal. If you ever doubted that, just check out this monogrammed travel kit! Is it too late for us to ask Meghan to take us on her next international adventure?

Meghan’s Italian vacation

If you like posting pics to social media, Italy is the perfect place to visit. Pretty much everything in the background is going to look breathtaking!

Icelandic Meghan

Iceland is quite different than Italy, but just as breathtaking in its own way. And Meghan couldn’t resist posing for this “queen of the world” shot!

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A friend to children

Meghan has always been very devoted to helping children around the world. Here we see her smiling and laughing among the children of Rwanda!

Doggone it

Leave it to Meghan to make the dog filter look good. Think she still plays with the filter to play pranks on Harry from time to time?

Adorable artwork

Meghan was really tight with her Suits costars. Here, she poses with some adorable artwork created by her colleague Sarah Rafferty’s daughter.

Friendly costars

Speaking of Rafferty, here we see her and Meghan posing together. Is it too early to start talking about a Suits reunion?

Meghan loves dogs

Meghan didn’t always have to play with the filter to see a dog staring back at her. Here we see her beagle Guy demanding some snuggles while Meghan tries to sunbathe.

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Meghan killing time

For every minute you see your favorite stars on TV, they had to be on set for much, much longer. Here, we see Meghan and Sarah Rafferty killing some time between scenes on Suits!