Here Is Everything Meghan Markle Buys To Look And Feel Good

“What’s your secret?” Those are the three little words we’d like to pose to those happy, healthy people in our lives. In other words, what can we do to achieve similar results in our own lives?

And it’s a question we’d particularly like to ask Meghan Markle. After all, she went from an unassuming actress to a royal princess. Then, she and her hunky hubby blew off the rest of the Royal Family to build a new brand in America. Nobody seems to reinvent herself bigger and better than Meghan Markle. So what’s her secret?

In Meghan’s case, she has been kind enough to tell us the different things she buys each year to both look and feel good. Want to be as beautiful as Meghan Markle, both inside and out? Keep reading to discover her secrets, including the shocking price tag!


Meghan, along with Prince Harry, has been a big proponent of mental health. While Meghan has said very little about which therapist she sees, an average session for a good therapist runs for about $250. Assuming that Meghan sees her therapist once a week, then she is paying $13,000 (or £9,470) per year on therapy.

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Before Archie was born, Meghan enjoyed acupuncture from Hollywood’s favorite acupuncture specialist Ross Barr. And she credits acupuncture with helping her get rid of migraines that were sometimes painful enough to send her to the hospital.

Acupuncture sessions usually go for 45 minutes and costs a little less than $165 per session. If you wanted to get acupuncture each week throughout the year to live more like Meghan, it would cost you $8,570 (or £6,242) per year. 

Sweat sessions

It may be tough to imagine Meghan Markle in a sweat lodge, but she apparently really loves to sweat those pesky toxins out. And back when she lived in London, her favorite place to go was Glow Bar’s infrared sauna. Glow Bar’s sessions run £45 for a 45-minute session. If you could get a similar price and had a sweat session each week, then you’d pay $3,058 (or £2,340) per year.

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Health supplements

Royals like Meghan may have access to the best doctors in the world, but that’s no replacement for a daily diet of supplements. What kind of supplements does Meghan prefer? Generally, she takes magnesium, B-12, and ashwagandha.

If you’d like a medicine cabinet stocked like Meghan, you can get 90 tablets of magnesium for £11.95, 60 servings of B-12 drops for £18.99, and 30 capsules of ashwagandha for £9.98. This adds up to a relatively affordable$267.52 (or £204.78) per year.

Megaformer Pilates 

Meghan isn’t just a fan of pilates in general. She specifically thinks Megaformer Pilates will change your life, and she even has a Megaformer machine in her own home so she can enjoy her pilates in privacy.

Meghan has a friend who offers monthly Megaformer Pilates sessions for $1,020 (or £745) per month. But if you want your own machine at home like Meghan, you’ll need to pay $22,900 (or £16,680) for one.

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One of Meghan’s quirkier secrets is that she prefers green juice to coffee to get more energy. Needless to say, she’s become a big fan of using Vitamix to blend healthy ingredients like kale, apple, lemon, and spinach together. If you want to skip coffee as Meghan does, you can snag your own Vitamix Ascent 2300i multipurpose blender for$570 (or £499).


Joining the Royal Family meant traveling the world more than ever before. To help fight both bloat and jet lag, Meghan started taking Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. If you want to see if it’s as good for your gut as Meghan claims, you can snag your own probiotics for $80.63 (or £61.61).

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Many have pointed out that Meghan actually gets to live the teenage dream of having married her own handsome “prince charming.” And the adult Meghan still has a habit many teens can relate to: a love of journaling!

Care to write down your thoughts and feelings each day as Meghan does? You can snag two six-month journals for a cost of only $59.96 (or £45.90). Let’s just hope Meghan’s dad never gets hold of her own journal!

LED light therapy

Surprisingly, Meghan is a big fan of LED light therapy. When done right, this special form of therapy can improve mood, boost the immune system, and provide beautiful-looking skin.

But light therapy isn’t cheap. For example, the Light Salon LED Mask will run you $450 (or £395).

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Overall total

They say that you can’t put a price tag on mental health. But we can most certainly assign a price tag to Meghan Markle’s mental health now that we know all of her expensive habits!

Add it all up and Meghan is spending $58,953.24 (or £45,127) per year to look and feel her best. And while most of us would love to live the luxurious lifestyle of this posh princess, we’re just going to have to settle for hitting the Taco Bell value menu and eating our feelings until our own prince comes into the picture.