Meghan Markle’s Most Scandalous Scenes on ‘Suits’

Prince Harry caused a scandal when he married American Meghan Markle, and part of that was due to Markle’s unconventional choice of career for British royalty. Not only was Markle an established actress, but she was known for her particularly racy scenes on the USA network legal drama Suits.

From 2011–2018, Markle played Rachel Zane, a paralegal who wants to become a lawyer herself. She balances her law school struggles with the dramatic highs and lows that come from her work at the Pearson Hardman law firm.

Of course, if we’re being honest, very few people tuned into Suits because of the legal drama. Instead, fans tuned in to see Meghan Markle get into sultry relationships and downright steamy scenes with her co-stars.

In fact, Markle’s scandalous scenes on Suits have prompted the questions, did Prince Harry watch Suits and is that why he wanted to date Markle in the first place? We’ll address that below, but first, here is a rundown of all of Meghan Markle’s most scandalous Suits scenes.

Season 2, episode 2: ‘I got your message’

If you never watched the show before, then you should know that most of our key romantic drama centers around Meghan Markle’s character Rachel and Patrick Adams’ character Mike. And the steam factor between these two really started heating up in the second episode of the second season.

In this moment, Mike is trying to tell Rachel that he got her message on his voicemail. The message in question confirmed that Rachel still had feelings for Mike, but they keep facing work interruptions before they can talk about it.

Realizing the need for speed, Mike simply tells her “I got your message,” grabs her, and gives her a sexy kiss. You’ll have to trust us that this moment made shippers all over the world fall over!

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Season 2, episode 16: file room fling

There are plenty of sexy moments all throughout Suits. However, for many fans of the series, it never got any hotter than in the 16th episode of the second season.

Due to various contrived narrative obstacles, Rachel and Mike didn’t make that much romantic progress after that first kiss in Season 2 episode 2. But 14 episodes later, they finally went on a first date. And it went well. So well that they couldn’t wait to get home and started fooling around in the file room at work!

If Law and Order is the legal show with the “doink doink” sound effect, this episode makes the case that the sound effect for Suits should have been “boink boink.”

Season 2, episode 1: Mike’s fingers do the walking

Different people have different ideas about what constitutes a hot TV scene. For example, the previous scene is pretty explicit. As in, it would have looked at home right next to your average late-night offerings on Cinemax.

By comparison, this next scene is downright understated. At the beginning of the third season, Rachel and Mike are in bed together. And Mike is describing a daring escape from the cops… not exactly the stuff you would normally associate with romance.

However, Mike is using his fingers to simulate running away. And those fingers do the walking right up Rachel’s leg and the rest of her body, often wandering in some very suggestive directions. We’re pretty sure this is the kind of scene that now makes Prince Harry reach for the remote control!

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Season 4, episode 1: the towel drops

By the beginning of season four, Mike and Rachel have a steady and confident sexual relationship. And this leads to a very playful opening of the season.

Basically, Rachel is grabbing a shower so she can head to work. Meanwhile, Mike is being as charming as possible in an effort to get her to stay. This culminates with him yanking Rachel’s post-shower towel right off of her body.

Rather than getting annoyed, Rachel eagerly hops into bed with Mike instead of heading to work. And honestly, we can’t blame her!

Season 4, episode 6: Rachel kisses Logan

No long-running TV show is complete without some annoying relationship drama. And in Suits, that drama mostly came in the form of Logan, a former fling of Rachel’s that eventually came back into her life in a big way.

Logan was basically Mike’s boss, and a naughty kiss between him and Rachel effectively reignited their relationship and (temporarily) broke things off between Rachel and Mike. And while there aren’t too many Logan fans out there, we have to admit that his scenes with Rachel were pretty hot!

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Did Prince Harry fall in love with Meghan Markle by watching ‘Suits’?

So, with all of Markle’s steamy scenes, the question now becomes, did Prince Harry become a fan of Meghan Markle and maybe even fall in love with her by watching Suits?

Interestingly, there is a bit of controversy regarding whether Harry had seen Suits or not before he met Markle.

In their first joint TV interview following their engagement announcement in November 2017, Harry was adamant that he had never watched the show before being set up on a blind date with Markle.

“I’d never even heard about her until this friend said ‘Meghan Markle,’ and I was like, ‘Right. Okay. Give me a bit of background, so I know what’s going on here,’” he said. “So, no, I’d never watched Suits. I’ve never heard of Meghan before.”

That seems cut and dry, right? But a Times UK article published the day Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, Nov. 27, 2017, allegedly contradicts his claim that he had never seen Suits.

Decider noted the day after Harry and Meghan announced their engagement that the Times UK article had allegedly been altered to remove text that said Harry was a fan of Suits. More than that, the original article claimed that Harry asked to be set up with Meghan, suggesting that he liked what he saw on Suits.

“When [Harry] discovered that [Meghan Markle] was in town, he asked his friend Markus Anderson, one of Meghan’s closest friends… if he could orchestrate a date…. Harry confessed that he was a fan of her TV show, the legal drama Suits, which got things off to a good start,” the article originally said, according to a screenshot tweeted (and since deleted) by Nicole Cliffe.

This screenshot shows a Times UK article’s text before and after being allegedly altered. Credit: Nicole Cliffe / Twitter

But scrubbed from the article now is any mention that Harry wanted to be set up with Markle because he was a fan of Suits. Instead, the article simply states that a mutual friend set them up on a blind date.

This has led some to speculate that Harry was actually a fan of Suits, but he (or the Royal Family) publicly wanted to deny he’d seen the show. The optics of wanting to be set up with an actress known for her steamy scenes on TV doesn’t look great.

However, it’s possible the original article simply got its facts wrong and made a correction (although it did not note a factual error and correction was made). We may never know for sure what the truth is, but it sure is fun to speculate!