The Most Embarrassing Presidential Moments Caught On Camera

Part of being the United States president is projecting an image of strength and confidence. In other words, the last thing the president wants to do is get caught doing something embarrassing.

But here’s the rub: the president always has more media attention than almost anybody else on the planet. Therefore, if they make an embarrassing mistake, there’s a good chance the cameras were rolling!

Wondering what the most embarrassing presidential moments ever caught on camera were? Keep reading to find out!

George W. Bush dodges a shoe

In Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, our titular hero squares off against Random Task, a blatant parody of the James Bond villain Oddjob. Whereas Oddjob threw a razor-brimmed hat at his foes, Random Task throws shoes. This eventually prompts Austin Powers to ask, “Who throws a shoe, honestly?”

In a 2008 press conference in Iraq, George W. Bush discovered the answer to that question when an Iraqi reporter threw both of his shoes directly at Bush. It was an embarrassing moment, but we have to give it to Bush: he dodged those shoes like Neo dodges bullets in The Matrix!

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Bill Clinton busted for staring at Ivanka Trump

Honestly, after the controversy regarding Monica Lewinsky, this entire article could be embarrassing moments featuring Bill Clinton. The funny thing, though, is that his wandering eye is still getting him in trouble all these years later.

During Donald Trump’s inauguration, both Bill and Hillary Clinton were in attendance. There, Bill Clinton was caught apparently ogling Ivanka Trump. To make things even wilder, Hillary witnessed all of this and gave Bill a look the most withering look ever caught on camera!

Donald Trump gets a little cozy with his own daughter

It’s bad enough when Bill Clinton ogles Ivanka Trump. However, things get that much weirder when it’s her own father being inappropriate!

Over the years, Donald Trump has made a number of comments apparently sexualizing his own daughter. And that makes the photographic evidence worse. For example, this photo shows an awkward moment where Ivanka sits in an appreciative Donald’s lap. The open sexualization of Ivanka seemed to cool down in later years, but this didn’t prevent another awkward moment where he appeared to be reaching for her butt!

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Barack Obama versus a fly

Most of these embarrassing moments happen because presidents are being careless. However, Barack Obama got embarrassed due to something out of his control: a fly.

When Barack Obama was speaking in the White House’s State Dining Room on January 24, 2013, a fly landed directly on his forehead. To some, this was just a funny and unexpected moment. But it didn’t keep some of Obama’s more deranged foes from claiming that this was somehow evidence that Obama was a demon!

Joe Biden and the COVID curse

Sometimes, there are eerie similarities between presidents despite their political affiliations. For example, Joe Biden has as many (if not more) wild verbal gaffes as George W. Bush, a president who was infamous for misspeaking.

For example, in 2020, Biden discussed COVID-19 many times. But in one embarrassing moment, he claimed that in its first year, COVID had lasted for “100 year.” We’re not sure what’s worse: thinking that one year is the same as a century or not pluralizing the word “years.”

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George W. Bush won’t get fooled again

Remember when we said George W. Bush was known for his own verbal gaffes? He had plenty over the years, but none were quite as bad as when he butchered a very common phrase.

When speaking about Iraq possibly lying to the world about hidden weapons (something that, notably, was never proven even after invading the country), Bush hit us with this insane quote. “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

Part of what makes this so funny is that in trying to claim he won’t get fooled again, Bush made himself look quite the fool by screwing up a simple saying!

Joe Biden puts Bill Clinton to sleep!

How does Bill Clinton feel about Joe Biden? It’s impossible to say for sure. But based on one incident, Clinton seems to find Biden very boring indeed!

During Biden’s inauguration, Clinton was recorded apparently falling asleep during Biden’s speech. Maybe if Ivanka Trump was there, he might have stayed awake?

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Donald Trump and the teenagers

Some presidential photos just have multiple layers of creepiness to them. For example, this picture of Donald Trump posing with the teenage contestants at the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants Press Conference in 1999.

Given the discomfort on the women’s faces, this photo would have been bad enough. But six years later, Trump bragged to Howard Stern about how he was able to get away with walking into locker rooms at such events and inspecting the women. That weird sound you just heard is the shudder of your own disgust!

Barack Obama looks bored out of his mind

For the most part, Barack Obama didn’t have as many gaffes as the presidents immediately before or after him. But this doesn’t mean he didn’t have embarrassing moments, especially when the camera caught him unawares.

For instance, he and Michelle Obama were once doing their civic duty and reading to first-grade students. But while Michelle looks very jazzed to be there, Barack looks absolutely bored out of his mind.

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Joe Biden struggles with basic math

Earlier, we touched on Joe Biden confusing one year for one hundred years. Unfortunately, Biden getting confused by math seems to be a recurring theme.

When getting interviewed on MSNBC, Biden really flubbed on the topic of tax loopholes. He claimed there are “somewhere between 700 billion and a trillion 300 million billion dollars” in tax money evaded by loopholes. 

If anybody needs us, we’ll be in the corner trying to calculate exactly how much “a trillion 300 million billion dollars” adds up to!