The Most Embarrassing Clinton Family Moments Captured on Camera

As a politician and president, Bill Clinton was something of a mixed bag. On one hand, he presided over one of the best decades for economic and technological development. On the other hand, his success was marred by an affair with Monica Lewinsky that resulted in a deeply embarrassing impeachment.

Clinton’s career survived that impeachment, but the embarrassment stayed with him. However, this wasn’t the only embarrassment for Bill or the rest of his family. Don’t believe it? We’ve assembled the most embarrassing Clinton family moments ever captured on camera!

Man yells “How’s Monica?” at Bill Clinton

Remember when we said that the affair with Monica Lewinsky would always haunt Bill Clinton? For proof, we need to look no further than the streets of New York City!

In early 2018, a man struck up a conversation with Bill Clinton while the former president was stuck in his vehicle in traffic with the window rolled down. For the most part, the man seemed to like Bill, calling him “the best president” and expressing a desire for Clinton to be president rather than Donald Trump. Clinton smiled, waved, and kept giving the thumbs-up sign to the man as the comments were shouted at him.

But the man then blurts out “Hey, how’s Monica?” 

This caused an embarrassed Bill Clinton to roll his window up, effectively ending the conversation.

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Bill Clinton falls asleep during Joe Biden’s inaugural speech

Joe Biden’s inaugural speech in January 2021 was a genuinely historical moment. In the wake of a contentious election and a shocking attack on our nation’s capitol, this speech from the newly-elected president was meant to restore a sense of order and decency.

But if we’re being honest, this speech wasn’t exactly exciting. And Bill Clinton seems to agree. Just look at him nodding off during the speech!

Bill Clinton defends his love of balloons

Nobody loves balloons quite like Bill Clinton. And everyone remembers his viral photos from the Democratic National Convention in which he was reaching out for balloons like a child seeing them for the first time.

In the speech above, Bill Clinton brings up the fact that young Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny told him that it was ok “to like balloons.” It was meant to be a cute moment, but the net effect was that Bill just embarrassed himself for a second time over the same damn issue.

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Donald Trump threatens to jail Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to win. No, we’re not talking about winning the presidency, but her presidential run did lead to some embarrassing moments, especially when Donald Trump was involved.

Take this famous presidential debate moment. As a zinger, Hillary mentioned that it was good that Donald Trump was “not in charge of the law of our country.” Trump immediately responded with “because you’d be in jail.” The audience cheered, Hillary’s face fell, and the “lock her up” memes were born.

A fly lands on Hillary Clinton’s face during a presidential debate

However, not every embarrassing 2016 debate moment for Hillary Clinton was because of Donald Trump. One wild moment came courtesy of a fly!

In this video, you can see a fly clearly landing on Hillary’s head and staying there for a while. It’s a strange moment in and of itself, but some of her critics had a field day with it. Oddly enough, the same thing happened to Vice President Mike Pence in a debate four years later. Could it have been the same fly?

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‘Sticker Kid’ steals all of Hillary Clinton’s thunder

It’s not just that Hillary Clinton can’t win. It’s that even when she does win, there is someone waiting in the wings to steal her thunder.

She was giving a rousing and impassioned speech at the Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus, where she had just beaten fellow contender Bernie Sanders. But realizing that he would be on camera behind her, freshman college student Peter Clinkscales (better known as “the Sticker Kid”) made faces, pretended to eat a flyer, and covered his face with campaign stickers (hence the nickname).

Just like that, all anybody could discuss regarding Hillary Clinton’s speech was Sticker Kid mugging for the camera!

Bill Clinton can’t stop laughing next to Boris Yeltsin

Ever since World War II, America has had a very rocky relationship with Russia. For this and many other reasons, reporters and other media figures had predicted that Bill Clinton’s 1995 meeting with Russian President Boris Yeltsin would end in disaster.

On television, Yeltsin (who many speculated may have been drunk) brought up the media’s predictions of disaster and then told the assembled media figures, “Now, for the first time, I can tell you that you’re a disaster.” At this, Bill Clinton began uncontrollably laughing and his face turned beet-red.

In fact, Bill had trouble keeping a straight face for the rest of the proceedings. It’s funny to watch at the moment, but this cost him political points with those who already thought he was being a little too cozy with Russia.

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Bill gets busted by Hillary for allegedly staring at Ivanka Trump

Part of politics is keeping up appearances. This is why Bill and Hillary Clinton attended the inauguration of Donald Trump despite all the nastiness between Donald and Hillary in the lead-up to the election.

And while there was an embarrassing Clinton family moment at the inauguration, it wasn’t Hillary’s fault. Instead, a camera caught Bill openly staring at something off-camera (purportedly Ivanka Trump). While we can’t be sure what he is staring at, Hillary’s unamused reaction to him was enough to make the Ivanka-staring claims a meme.

Hillary roasts Chelsea for ordering pizzas to the White House

For the most part, Chelsea Clinton has managed to avoid having many embarrassing moments on camera. But this didn’t keep Hillary from totally selling her daughter out on The Graham Norton Show in 2019.

Graham asked Chelsea if she was allowed to have snacks in the White House. Hillary eventually pointed out that Chelsea often didn’t like the food prepared by the professional White House chefs. Instead, the younger Clinton would try to repeatedly order pizza, and Hillary laughingly explained how this was typically not allowed and would freak the Secret Service out when they discovered a pizza truck parked outside!

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