The Most Embarrassing Biden Family Moments Captured on Camera

In many ways, Joe Biden is a study in contrasts. Biden first became a senator in 1972, and he has been a political mainstay since then. As his political power and prominence grew, Biden has only grown more popular over the years.

However, the more we shine a spotlight on President Biden and his family, the more embarrassing moments seem to be caught on camera. Here are the recorded moments that you simply have to see to believe!

Introducing ‘Barack America’ 

While Joe Biden has been in politics for decades, he didn’t appear on most people’s radar until he became the vice president. While his time alongside President Barack Obama became the stuff of legendary memes, their time together also led to some fairly embarrassing moments.

During a campaign rally in Springfield, Illinois, Joe Biden had the pleasure of introducing Barack Obama. There is just one problem: he introduced him as “Barack America” instead. It’s a pretty funny moment, but we can’t help but think it would be a lot cooler if every American president had to change their name to “America” while in office! 

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Joe Biden’s gasoline gaffe

At some point, Joe Biden’s many verbal gaffes became something of a running joke. While his biggest fans want to dismiss these as effects of his stuttering, there are clearly moments from his career that are good, old-fashioned slip-ups.

For example, Biden appeared on CNN to discuss how his presidency would mitigate climate change. In attempting to explain his plans, Biden frequently conflated how many gallons of gas and dollars of savings and metric tons of CO2 gas going into the air. 

Basically, in his attempt to explain his future plans to us, Joe Biden left all of us more confused than ever before.

Joe Biden’s math mixup 

It would be nice if we could say Joe Biden’s struggles with math were isolated to a single event. Unfortunately, giving accurate numbers seems to be a challenge that this American president cannot overcome.

On the 2020 campaign trail, Biden tried to talk about how relatively unimpressive it was to eliminate a single “tax loophole.” But when he tried to discuss how many loopholes there are, Biden couldn’t decide. Was it one trillion, six hundred billion? Or one trillion, four hundred billion? Or just one billion, four hundred million?

Honestly, in attempting to explain his position, Biden gave us flashbacks to some very scary math problems!

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Joe Biden coins a new phrase 

American presidents are often remembered for the phrases they coin. For all his accomplishments, many will always remember Bill Clinton for him saying “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” And for better or for worse, Biden has gotten a great start on his own wild catchphrases.

In this clip, we see him confusingly declare that he was once “a Democratic caucus.” When he asks “do you remember caucus” and the crowd begins nodding, Biden says “no you haven’t. You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

That sound you’re hearing right now is us wheezing in the corner, trying to process what the hell this even means!

Joe Biden’s Census error

In this gaffe, Biden describes the 2020 census as “two Censuses ago.”

“In the 2020 Census, which is now two Censuses ago — soon to be,” Biden said in July 2020.

Confused about what he means here? The only explanation is that he was trying to refer to the 2000 Census. The Census is required by law to be conducted every 10 years.

He tries to correct his error very quickly, but it was a strange mistake to make in the first place.

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Joe Biden announces 100 years of COVID-19 

The year 2020, with its COVID-19 pandemic, certainly felt like 100 years. And based on this clip, it seems Joe Biden agrees!

He claims that COVID has taken “more than one hundred year.” Again, he tries to quickly recover, but everything from the claim of the virus lasting over a century to the singular “year” makes us wonder what is going through Joe’s head.

Hunter Biden can’t answer a simple question

Do you remember the Hunter Biden laptop controversy? Basically, Hunter Biden has a sordid history involving women, drugs, and everything in between. At one point, rumors swirled that he had lost a laptop full of sensitive information. This, combined with Hunter’s shady past, made the laptop the center of major controversy.

However, that seemed like news to Hunter himself. In this appearance on CBS Sunday Morning, Hunter is asked point-blank if the lost laptop retrieved from a Delaware repair shop was actually his. Hunter replies that he doesn’t know… which, in many ways, is more suspicious than any outright denial could be!

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Jill Biden accidentally makes a dirty joke 

In the Biden family, first lady Dr. Jill Biden is the one least likely to make public mistakes. But this doesn’t mean she is immune from accidentally telling a dirty joke from time to time.

For instance, when introducing Joe Biden at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Jill said, “I’ve seen Joe up close.” It was meant to be a statement about how she knows what type of person Joe Biden really is. But the laughter from the young college crowd indicates they interpreted this another way entirely!