The Truth About Prince Harry and Prince William’s Secret Sister

People often joke about how the lives of the Royal Family play out a bit like a soap opera. After all, who needs to binge-watch The Crown when you can just pay attention to the headlines surrounding this famous family?

And when it comes to soap operas, there is nothing quite like the appearance of a secret sibling. And it turns out that Prince Harry and Prince William have a secret sister that most people have never heard of!

Who is this sister? What is her connection to the Royal Family, and how likely are we to see her make another public appearance? Keep reading to discover the answers!

The Camilla connection

Since this is real life and not an actual soap opera, it’s okay to ask the obvious question: how the hell do William and Harry have a secret sibling? In reality, they have two secret siblings, and it’s all thanks to Queen Camilla.

While Camilla is Queen now, she didn’t actually marry then-Prince Charles until 2005. The fact that they were dating was the world’s worst-kept secret for a long time, as was the fact that Camilla drove a wedge between Charles and Diana. But even when Camilla and Charles were fooling around in secret, Camilla was married to Andrew Parker Bowles.

And, just as Charles and Diana had two children while married, Camilla ended up having two children with Andrew. Their names are Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes (originally Laura Rose Parker Bowles). And as soon as Camilla married Charles, those two children became step-siblings to Prince William and Prince Harry.

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Meet Laura Lopes

For the most part, Laura Lopes has tried to stay out of the spotlight generated by the Royal Family (more on this later). However, she has many awesome accomplishments in her own right that are, quite frankly, more impressive than being born with a famous family name.

A great example of that is her formal education. Lopes showed an early aptitude for art and, according to Hello!, ended up attending Oxford Brookes University and, much like Kate Middleton, studied History of Art.

Kate couldn’t exactly pursue her artistic ambitions once things got serious with Prince William, but Laura had nothing to keep her from realizing her dreams. She originally managed the Space Gallery in London and then co-founded a Belgravian art gallery named Eleven in 2005.

Oh, and if that’s not impressive enough, she still found time for romance. Laura ended up marrying an accountant named Harry Lopes in 2006. The accountant was a former Calvin Klein model, though, which means Laura found a solid blend of beauty and brains. And he really moved up in the world, eventually becoming the founder and CEO of Eden Renewables.

Keeping a low profile

If Laura Lopes really wanted to, she could likely exploit her connections to the Royal Family in order to advance her artistic career. For an example of how tacky this could look, just check out how Thomas and Samantha Markle have tried to squeeze every last penny out of being related to Meghan Markle, the wife of the famous Prince Harry.

However, as Us Weekly points out, Laura Lopes has voluntarily chosen to keep a relatively low profile. For years, she has been content to focus on both her career and being a mother to her three amazing children: Eliza and two twin boys, Gus and Louis. 

As for Laura’s brother, Tom Parker-Bowles, he’s a bit more in the spotlight, but not due to any royal connections. He is a relatively famous food writer and critic, and he’s written a whopping seven cookbooks. Given what a small world England really is, he often gets recognized by people on the street for his culinary expertise.

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The Royal Family is never far away

Obviously, Laura is quite comfortable staying out of the spotlight. However, she still gets involved in the occasional royal event when she is asked, thrusting her and her family back into countless tabloid headlines.

For example, as Express points out, Laura’s daughter Eliza ended up being a bridesmaid at William and Kate’s wedding in 2011, and that was one of the biggest events in the world (it’s not every day you see the future King of England get married). And back in 2006, William and Kate attended Laura’s wedding along with Prince Harry (back in the good old days when William, Kate, and Harry all go along).

Chances for a royal reunion?

While Laura likes to stay out of the spotlight, they may not have much of a choice but to get out in front of the world again. That’s because her family is going to play a major part in Camilla’s coronation on May 6.

According to Yahoo!, Camilla is breaking with royal tradition by having her grandchildren take part in the coronation ceremony. Laura’s children Louis and Gus will be serving as pages of honor along with Tom Parker Bowles’ son Freddie and Camilla’s grandnephew Arthur Elliot.

While they will likely only perform this duty for this special occasion, it’s interesting to note that other pages of honor have held the position for two to three years. Because of that, there is a non-zero chance that Laura and her children may be dragged back into the royal spotlight soon for future ceremonies, whether they want to be there or not!

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