King Charles and Camilla: A Marriage in Trouble?

This has been a period of great transformation for King Charles. It wasn’t that long ago that he was a Prince who focused mostly on charity work and the occasional family squabble. Now, he is the reigning monarch of England, following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

And England has a new Queen of sorts in Camilla. As Queen Consort of England, she will be by Charles’ side as he rules the entire country. Of course, that’s assuming they stay together!

There are rumors about trouble in paradise between the new king and queen. What are these rumors, and what do they tell us about the future of the Royal Family? Keep reading to find out!

A rocky romance from the start

At first, it may seem difficult to think about Charles and Camilla having any kind of disputes behind closed doors. After all, they’ve been together so long. But it’s worth remembering the tumultuous details of how these two hooked up in the first place.

The two initially met at a polo tournament when Charles was 22, and she was 24. The two of them hit things off, but Charles serving in the navy called an end to the burgeoning relationship. By the time he returned, things were over. Camilla went on to date and marry Andrew Parker Bowles and had two children with him, just as Charles went on to date and marry Princess Diana, having two children with her.

Rather than wallow in what might have been, Charles and Camilla began seeing each other in a secret affair. Thanks to this, the world watched Charles’ marriage to Diana fall apart in real-time. Now, some are wondering if we are seeing another royal marriage on the cusp of divorce.

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Love and marriage

Eventually, Charles finally divorced Diana and Camilla finally divorced Andrew Parker Bowles. This left the two secret lovers (it was, in retrospect, the world’s worst-kept secret) to date in the public eye, and they ended up getting married in 2005.

Publicly, the two have always presented a united front. Camilla has been by Charles’ side as he performs charity work and travels the globe. However, the specter of their previous mutual adultery hovered over the relationship. Also looming large was the death of Princess Diana, a death that almost certainly delayed Charles and Camilla going public with their relationship.

Privately, there were rumors about the marriage threatening to disintegrate after only a few years. If true, these rumors also describe a threat to the reputation of the entire royal family.

Early divorce rumors

One of the reasons everyone from commoners to certain members of royalty are wary of Camilla is that she is privy to so many juicy secrets. If she ever wanted to do her own tell-all book, it could expose the entire Royal Family’s inner secrets.

And it seems like we came very close to that happening. OK! Magazine reports that Charles and Camilla’s marriage began falling apart a few years after they tied the knot. And royal insiders in the know said that Camilla began “threatening to spill dirty secrets” and that the two couldn’t hide their fighting: “Things have gotten so bad that they can’t even hide it anymore.”

Allegedly, things got so intense that Queen Elizabeth had to intervene. That same insider reported that “The queen has been told Camilla is preparing a divorce action, and she’s called her to a private audience at Buckingham Place.”

Charles and Camilla made it through that rough patch more or less intact (possibly thanks to the Queen). But the disruptive family incident reminded many of the shocking claim that Prince William allegedly made in the 1990s: “She got her claws into my dad and never let go for an instant. That’s why my mom died — because she fled to Paris instead of being safe with her family.”

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Divorce rumors: round two

If things had just ended there, Charles and Camilla’s love story would feel very inspirational and modern. The story of two people who fell in love with the wrong lovers, still found each other, and stayed together even when the going got rough.

However, it looks like the rough going is still going with Charles and Camilla. According to Top Radio, a serious drama between the King and the Queen has been playing out. A royal insider claims that “while the whole world has been obsessed with Kate and Meghan’s rivalry and William and Harry falling out…a much larger drama” is going on. And that drama is that Charles wants to divorce Camilla!

The King is allegedly meeting with Fiona Shackleton, the lawyer who helped him with his previous divorce. And the most shocking claim from the insider is that the two have already signed the divorce papers. If true, this could have serious ramifications for the Royal Family and all of England.