The Surprising Habit That Meghan Markle Fell Back Into After Leaving the UK

One of the unique qualities of Meghan Markle is that her life has completely changed on several occasions. First, her life changed when she became a household name during her time on Suits. Second, her life changed when she married Prince Harry. Finally, her life changed again when she and Harry made the unprecedented decision to step back from most royal responsibilities and leave the country, eventually settling in the United States.

All of this back and forth has changed her daily habits up. Sometimes, for the better…and sometimes, for the worse!

For example, Meghan had a particular habit she thought she’d kicked for good, but she’s recently taken it up again. What is that habit, and what made Meghan go back to her old ways? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Meghan Marke’s return to a bad habit

The topic of Meghan returning to old, bad habits popped up on her own podcast. As the Mirror reports, Meghan was interviewing two comedians: Issa Rae and Ziwe. Before the interview with Rae really gets into high gear, Meghan offers her some coffee.

Rae declined the offer, saying she would rather stick to water. This led to a surprise revelation from Meghan: that she had “only recently started drinking coffee.”

This would probably come as a real shock to those who knew Meghan earlier in life. Especially the cast and crew involved with her old TV show Suits!

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An early love of coffee

Based on Meghan’s initial comment, you might think she had avoided coffee her entire life. However, she casually mentioned during the podcast that she loved consuming the drink when she was a working actor.

It’s not hard to see why she loved coffee during her Hollywood days. It can take as many as eight days to film a single episode of television. For actors, this means a lot of time just sitting around on set waiting for their next scene to come up.

And “waiting” takes on brand-new meaning when deadlines get closer. It’s not uncommon for actors to not finish shooting for the day until well past midnight.

Coffee is a great way to stay alert during all that waiting. And coffee may have even helped Meghan with her anxiety. As Yahoo! reports, she spent most of the first season of Suits convinced that she would soon be recast!

Going off coffee cold turkey

So, we’ve established that Meghan Markle was a real coffee lover as an actor, but eventually dropped the habit. What made her go off coffee? As you might expect, it had a lot to do with her moving to England!

As the Mirror reports, Issa Rae asked the obvious question. “Were you on tea?” Taking up a tea habit would help Meghan get her caffeine fix while blending in a bit more with the local culture.

According to Meghan, though, “I didn’t drink it really in the UK or think about it.” She didn’t elaborate during the podcast on her preferred coffee alternatives. But based on previous interviews with Meghan, we know a bit more about what she’s been drinking.

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Finding a love of green juice

In recent years, Meghan has favored drinking green juice. And she actually developed a love of that juice even when she was a coffee-chugging actor. In fact, she loves her green juice so much that she never travels without a special blender!

According to Hello! Magazine, Meghan positively loves her Vitamix blender. This blender went with her when she’d travel to Canada to shoot scenes for Suits. “I shipped my Vitamix in the backseat. It was one of the things where I was like I cannot travel without my Vitamix. It’s like a commercial at this point. But I use it every day for pestos or shakes. Okay, now that’s too much. I need to stop.”

What specific recipes is she using that blender to make, though? In an old interview with Today, she revealed her tasty coffee alternative. “If I blend some apple, kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger in my Vitamix in the morning and bring it to work, I always find that sipping on that is a much better boost than a cup of espresso.”

What made Meghan return to her coffee-consuming ways? 

So, we’ve established that Meghan was a former coffee fiend who went cold turkey, but eventually returned to the siren call of caffeine. What was it, then, that made her come back to coffee?

As the Mirror reports, she disclosed the simple reason during her interview with Issa Rae. “I guess because life started to come back and so people started to come when guests come or meetings or and they’re like oh would you like coffee?”

This is simple and honest as far as motivations go: simply put, Meghan spends more time than ever meeting with podcast guests and meeting with people such as Netflix executives. It would be impolite to not offer them coffee and similarly impolite to not drink along with them.

And that’s the story of Meghan Markle losing her love of coffee and then re-discovering it. As the years go on, she isn’t afraid to make changes to both her life and her lifestyle. But one thing won’t be changing anytime soon: that Vitamix blender isn’t going anywhere!!

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