The Biggest Royal Family Failures the World Has Forgotten About

These days, the biggest Royal Family drama is Kate Middleton’s health crisis. The princess recently revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy. This would have been a potential scandal in and of itself, but it was made that much worse by the Palace’s very poor attempts to hide her diagnosis from the world.

All of this attention on Kate, however, has seemingly made the world forget about some of the royals’ strangest scandals from recent decades. Just what are the royal failures that nobody should ever forget about? Keep reading to find out!

Queen Elizabeth’s cousins were cruelly erased from the family tree

Queen Elizabeth was one of the most beloved figures in royal history. Because of her popularity, we eventually got to learn much more about her various family members such as then-Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. However, we didn’t learn much about her cousins Katherine and Nerissa, and there’s a very dark reason for that.

These two cousins were born with severe learning disabilities, which caused their royal relatives to actively shun them. Things got so bad that the Royal Family basically hid their existence altogether, leading to these women effectively getting erased from the family tree. They secretly languished away in places like the Royal Earlswood Asylum for Mental Defectives, causing multiple history books to record (in error) that the women had died long ago. In reality, Nerissa didn’t pass away until 1986 and Katherine didn’t pass away until 2014. 

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Charles and Diana’s awful engagement interview

To this day, the biggest scandal in royal history is the marriage of Princess Diana and then-Prince Charles. The entire world watched their relationship fall apart, and we got plenty of upsetting details about how much the two of them were cheating on each other. As their happy union went down the drain, many people kept wondering if there had been any early signs that divorce was in their future.

Well, there most certainly was: her disastrous engagement interview with Charles. The interview was bad enough thanks to things like the weird pauses and nervous laughter. However, the bombshell moment came when the couple was told they “look very much in love;” Diana replied with “Oh, yes, absolutely” while Charles bafflingly said, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.” The late Diana later discussed how much this traumatized her, and we can’t blame her!

That time Fergie got her toes sucked

While she didn’t generate as many headlines as Diana, Sarah Ferguson (affectionately known to the world as “Fergie”) was once caught on camera in a very compromising position. She was vacationing in St. Tropez at the time with John Bryan, and it seemed like she had the perfect getaway. Beautiful ocean views? Check. Wealthy, handsome gentleman? Double check!

However, a member of the paparazzi took photos of the two canoodling in paradise, and this included the shocking sight of Bryan apparently sucking on Fergie’s toes. Needless to say, this sent shockwaves throughout the tabloids and throughout the world, building on the existing scandal of Fergie and Prince Andrew separating in the first place. 

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The British government allegedly caused a major Diana scandal

As noted above, part of what made the terrible relationship between Charles and Diana so awkward is that we got to experience so many of the weird details of their romantic lives. For example, there was a royal scandal known as “Squidgygate;” the strange name refers to a term of endearment that James Gilbey had for the then-married Princess Diana. They were apparently just close friends rather than lovers, and Diana had a very frank conversation with Gilbey about what she’s been enduring “after all I’ve done for this f***ing family” and how “I can’t stand the confines of this marriage” because Charles “makes my life real torture.”

The conversation was recorded in 1989 but its transcript was not published until 1992. Fast-forward to 2008 and Diana’s ex-protection officer Ken Wharfe claimed that not only did the British Secret Service record this phone call but that they deliberately broadcast it on a loop in potential hopes of amateur radio hobbyists intercepting it. That’s exactly what happened and the story was sold to The Sun, meaning that, if true, the British government really sold Diana out!

Prince Harry stripping down in Las Vegas

Princess Diana is sadly no longer with us, but her sons continue to generate headlines. Prince William is busy being the good son of Charles and preparing for his future as the eventual King of England. Harry, meanwhile, has stepped back from royal duties with Meghan Markle, and the two of them have left England to raise their own family in America.

These days, Harry likes to position himself as a moderate voice, someone who fled from the extremism of the royals to focus on his more immediate family. But back in 2012, Harry had a well-earned reputation as a prince who mostly cared about attending crazy parties. That was quite evident when TMZ published photos from a Las Vegas trip where the young prince got rip-roaringly drunk and ended up playing “strip billiards.” He apparently wasn’t very good at this game, and now, photos of his naked royal body will live on the internet forever!

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