Fail to the King: The Craziest Royal Drama Since Charles Replaced Elizabeth

We’re willing to bet that King Charles wakes up each day with a simple wish: that none of the members of the Royal Family wake up they day and choose drama, resulting in another ugly incident that makes “The Firm” look bad.

The reason we’re so confident about this is that ever since Queen Elizabeth died, royal drama has been going into overdrive. And since all of this is on Charles’ watch, the public can’t help but wonder if he can’t keep his family or his kingdom together nearly as well as the Queen could.

Did you miss out on most of this drama? Don’t worry…we’ve got the inside scoop on the craziest royal drama that has popped off since Charles sat down in the big chair!

Harry and Meghan keep unleashing family gossip

You could probably guess that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been a consistent source of drama related to the Royal Family. They’ve always been good at causing drama behind the scenes, but since Charles became king, they’ve taken humiliating the royals to a global level.

One way they have done so has been the Harry & Meghan docuseries on Netflix. Ostensibly, this show is meant to give us an inside look into the life of the titular couple, but the two of them just can’t keep airing dirty royal laundry. For example, Meghan vividly described how the rest of the royals willingly fed her to the press as a kind of sacrifice, and Harry claimed that the Royal Family was willing to lie for William but not for him. Meghan also claimed she had to wear muted tones as a royal, and Princess Catherine, Princess Charlotte, and Zara Tindall later wore the same burgundy shade to a Christmas concert to seemingly disprove MEghan’s claims.

That would have been bad enough, but Harry also released a memoir with the cheeky title Spare. It included allegations that William once physically attacked Harry and that Charles would tease his younger son over the persistent rumors that Harry was a bastard. Ultimately, it was not a very good look for King Charles!

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Charles and Camilla nearly got egg on their faces (literally)

Most of the time, Charles has managed to avoid generating nearly as much drama as the rest of his famous family. Sometimes, though, the drama comes right to his feet, and that’s exactly what happened when the king had a run-in with a protester during the unveiling of a statue commemorating Queen Elizabeth.

The protester in question was armed with eggs and wasn’t afraid to let them fly. The closest of these eggs landed at Charles’ feet, and this seemingly alarmed Camilla. To his credit, Charles just kept on greeting officials as if nothing had happened, even as the protester in question cried out that the country was built by the sacrifices of slaves. It could have been worse, Charles…that egg could have landed close to your face rather than your shoe! 

Harry’s funeral clothing flap

Harry hasn’t made too many trips home since “Megxit,” but he obviously had to come back for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. You’d think dressing for the funeral would be relatively simple, but this ended up being a source of major royal drama.

At first, it was announced that Harry couldn’t wear his military uniform since he had stepped back from being a working royal. When both the press and the public pointed out the double standard that Prince Andrew (who was stripped of his working royal status after his ties to Jeffrey Epstein were revealed) was still allowed to wear his military uniform.

In reaction, Charles allowed Harry to wear his military uniform, but it soon became apparent that the Queen’s initials were removed from Harry’s uniform but not Andrew’s. In retrospect, it’s hard not to see this as a major snub directed at Harry for all the drama he caused. 

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The pen is mightier than Charles’s words

While it’s certainly good to be the king, the blunt truth is that a large chunk of King Charles’ day-to-day responsibilities involves reviewing paperwork and signing documents. And Charles apparently hates these tasks…or at least, that’s what his pen-related drama led us to conclude!

At one point, Charles got annoyed at a tray of pens that was in the way when he needed to sign some documents. This caused him to get so impatient that he gritted his teeth and gestured violently for them to be removed. That would have been embarrassing enough, but Charles had a run-in with a leaky pen a few days later that led to a viral video. In it, the king tells us how he really feels: “Oh god, I hate this!” he said, adding, “I can’t bear this bloody thing!” 

Coronation drama for both Harry and Meghan

Charles began serving as king as soon as Elizabeth died, but it was many months before he was officially coronated. And as you might expect, the coronation led to some added drama courtesy of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

First off, Meghan declined the invitation altogether. This was allegedly so she could focus on her two young children, but many couldn’t help but speculate that she didn’t want to face the Royal Family after the explosive Oprah interview in which she and Harry claimed that an unnamed senior royal was worried about the skin color of their then-unborn son Archie.

Harry attended the coronation but ended up leaving early, effectively missing major post-coronation events like the royal procession and Charles and Camilla’s first balcony appearance. This was allegedly so Harry could rush back home for his son’s birthday, but considering that Harry was forced to play a very minimal role in the coronation and was even given an inferior seat for the big event, many think that Harry ditched this royal afterparty because he was getting such a cold shoulder from his fam.

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