The Wildest Rumors About Barron Trump

Which member of the Trump family do you think has the craziest rumors about them?

At first, you might be tempted to say Donald Trump because he is both so famous and so controversial. However, the simple fact is that Donald generates so many weird headlines on his own that people don’t feel as much need to create strange rumors and speculations about him.

Instead, the craziest rumors center on Barron Trump, the youngest and most reclusive member of the family. The less we actually know about Barron, the more the internet swoops in with wild speculation. What, then, are the wildest rumors about Barron Trump? Keep reading to find out!

The strangest rumors about his height

Barron Trump doesn’t make too many public appearances, but when he does, there is one thing everyone can’t help but notice: his height. He’s now the tallest member of the Trump family, towering even over Donald Trump (always known for being tall). Accordingly, there are some crazy online rumors about how and why Barron is so tall.

Aside from genetics, some people think Barron is so tall because his parents gave him human growth hormone. There is nothing to substantiate this rumor, but to be fair to those spreading it, many wealthy parents have given this hormone to their children in the hopes of making their kids taller and more attractive.

For our money, the craziest Barron rumor is that he is so tall because he is secretly a Nephilim. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, this is a fantastic creature described in the Bible, and we’re not entirely sure what it says about Donald and Melanie if Barron is secretly some kind of religious mythological being!

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Secretly a legend online?

We don’t know much about Barron Trump’s interests or hobbies except for the fact that, according to dear old dad, the kid is a whiz at computers. From there, it’s not much of a stretch to assume he loves playing video games, and that is likely what led to a strange rumor in 2020 about his gaming habits.

According to the rumor, Barron had a secret Roblox profile where he played the kid-friendly game under the username JumpyTurtlee. That account claims its user is a big fan of anime, and he apparently loves to play a Roblox game called Adopt Me! About (what else?) adopting pets. 

There was never any real proof this was Barron, but that didn’t stop a number of Roblox players and online content creators from participating in a #saveBarron movement. Such a movement was ostensibly designed to help free Barron from Donald Trump, though it was never clear exactly what freeing this minor from his parents would really look like. 

Barron Trump the time traveler?

Normally, we’d say it’s difficult to pick the absolute craziest of the rumors about any given celeb. However, with Barron Trump, the craziest rumor by far is that he is secretly a time traveler. Weirdly enough, this rumor mostly centers around another person who was once very important to Donald Trump: Steve Bannon.

The rumor claims that former presidential advisor Steve Bannon is actually Barron Trump from the future. Another twist to this theory is that Bannon/Barron actually time-traveled from a future where Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election, and he came back, Terminator-style, to save the future. Incidentally, it’s an open secret that Steve Bannon looks physically rough in appearance: according to the theory, this represents the ravages of radiation on his body, a side effect of traveling backward in time!

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Is Barron Trump actually autistic?

The one rumor about Barron Trump that Melanie Trump went out of her way to quash is that her son is autistic. This rumor mostly started due to a viral (now deleted) video created by James Hunter and boosted on Twitter by Rosie O’Donnell. After rumors of Barron being autistic spread all over the internet, Melanie threatened to sue Hunter if he didn’t take the video down. Melanie also blamed O’Donnell for magnifying the rumor.

Hunter ended up taking all the videos on this subject down and posting a video apology (also now deleted). Rosie O’Donnell also apologized, although the ironic thing about each apology is that both people claim they weren’t trying to smear Barron’s name. Hunter is autistic and O’Donnell has an autistic daughter, and both of them were excited that someone as famous as Barron Trump could have had autism.

Is Donald Trump not Barron’s dad?

Rumors about Barron Trump being autistic or being a time traveler mostly came from online users making up their own bizarre stories about this son of the former president. However, there has been a persistent rumor that Donald Trump isn’t actually Barron’s dad, and Donald mostly has himself to blame for starting and perpetuating this rumor.

In 2019, Donald Trump was speaking to reporters about how Melanie supported his idea to ban flavored e-cigarettes when he blurted out something strange. “She’s got a son, together, that’s a beautiful young man, and she feels very, very strongly about it.” The rumors centered on the fact that Donald’s phrasing of “she’s got a son” made it sound like Barron is not, in fact, Donald’s own kid.

It’s a weird rumor caused by admittedly weird phrasing. However, the truth is likelier to be something sadder: that Michael Wolff was correct in his assertions that Donald left most of the parental duties to Melania, meaning she often functioned as his only active parent during some of his most formative years. If true, this would mean Donald accidentally told a kind of truth when he implied Melania was the kid’s only parent!

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