4 Times Barron Trump Was Too Cool for Donald

Out of the entire Trump clan, Barron Trump is probably the one we know the least about. And that is completely by design: both Donald and Melania Trump wanted to keep Barron out of the public eye after Donald won the 2016 presidential election, both to avoid tacky tabloid headlines and to help Barron have as normal an upbringing as possible.

Still, we’ve learned more about Barron in the last few years, and one of the most striking things is how different he is from his famous father. Initially, many people thought that the tall, athletic Barron was a chip off the old block. But it soon became apparent that not only is Barron very different from his dad, but he’s been just too cool for Donald on a number of occasions.

Just what have we learned about Barron Trump, and how has he proven time and again that he’s too cool for dear old dad? Keep reading to discover the answers!

No more “I love you”

It’s an open secret that teenagers have trouble expressing emotions, especially when it comes to love. However, we were still absolutely floored to learn about a time when Donald Trump admitted that his own son didn’t want to say that he loved his father.

As reported by The Independent, Jonathan Karl claims that Donald Trump once compared him to Barron Trump. While that might have been an innocent enough comparison on its own, Donald went on to reenact a conversation that he had recently had with his son.

The conversation went like this: “Do you love your dad? I don’t know. But he does. But he’s too cool, the kid.” In context, this was a bizarre comparison meant to highlight that Karl wasn’t excited about Trump appearing at the White House Correspondents Dinner, as if Karl was just too cool for it all. But along the way, he admitted that his son wasn’t sure if he loved his father, which is pretty damn brutal.

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Barron Trump, elite hacker

Aside from the whole not wanting to say he loves dad thing, Barron Trump seems to have a good relationship with his father. But at one point, Trump basically admitted to a crowded room full of people that Barron is just way too cool for dad.

Yahoo! reports that, during a CPAC speech, Donald Trump admitted that Barron was able to hack into his computer.  “I have a young son, Barron. He can make his computer sing,” he said. “I turn it off and I lock it, two minutes later, ‘Hi dad how you doing?’ I say, what are you doing. ‘I know how to get it open, dad’.”

On the surface, this is a simple anecdote about a father bragging about his son’s abilities. But another way of looking at it is that it took Barron only a couple of minutes to hack into the computer of the world’s most powerful man. Not bad, kid!

Barron sides with…Joe Biden?!

If you look up “culture war” in the dictionary, you might just see a picture of Donald Trump. From the moment he locked horns with Hillary Clinton, Trump made it clear that he saw rival politicians as opponents first and as human beings second (if at all).

At one point, though, he took things a bit too far for Barron’s tastes. According to the Daily Mail, the young man reacted negatively to an infamous September debate between Trump and Biden. “’I will say my own son Barron said, “Dad, you were too tough. You didn’t have to keep interrupting him,” Donald said.

Maybe the family loyalty is still there, though. After all, “tough” is usually the last adjective we apply to someone who never knows when to shut up!

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Skipping dad’s farewell to the White House

So far, most of the acts of rebellion from Barron that we have described have been pretty mild and mostly private. However, there was one instance where he was just too cool for his dad in a way that the entire world took notice of!

After Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, and his supporters were repelled from their attack on the American capitol, a reluctant Donald Trump and his family started packing their bags. And all of this culminated in a major public ceremony where the Trumps literally and metaphorically big goodbye to their time in Washington, D.C.

All of Barron’s siblings were at the ceremony, including Donald Jr, Eric, Ivanka, and even Tiffany. However, Barron skipped out on these proceedings altogether, presumably because he had better things to do. The whole incident is wild to think about, though…while his siblings had to travel far (very far, in some cases) to attend this ceremony, Barron refused to attend despite living there. Talk about being too cool for dad!