The Truth About Barron Trump

In many ways, Barron Trump remains the most mysterious member of Donald Trump’s family. After Donald Trump became president, his wife Melania and his adult children Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany were thrust into the spotlight in a big way. Youngest son Barron, who turned 15 in 2021, kept mostly to himself and mostly out of the spotlight.

Because of this, many people don’t know the truth about Barron Trump. But we did some deep digging into Barron over the last few years to give you this major glimpse of the most mysterious Trump.

Avoiding publicity

As we noted above, one of the more interesting things about Barron Trump is how little we know about him. In a world where we know all about the eating preferences of his famous parents, Barron Trump remains something of an enigma.

Why is that? The short answer is that his parents (and Melania in particular) wanted to help insulate Barron away from the prying eyes of the media. They encouraged Barron to focus on his schoolwork and generally not rock the boat.

To their credit, this plan has been very successful. Barron has caused pretty much zero scandals, which is more than we can say for Malia Obama.

Furthermore, you won’t find Barron on social media. But this is not part of an effort to keep a low profile. He simply has no interest, according to his mother.

“He doesn’t have a social media yet – he’s not interested in it. He’s all into sport,” Melania revealed at a town hall in Virginia in 2018.

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Mommy dearest

Barron Trump is a lot like his dad in many ways. They have some shared interests, and Melania even nicknamed Barron “little Donald.” But this doesn’t change the fact that, at heart, Barron is something of a mommy’s boy.

The most notorious example of this came during the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. Rather than move into the White House with Donald, both Melania and Barron Trump stayed in Trump Tower in New York for the first six months.

Melania tried to explain that this was to help Barron complete his school year without disruption. But as Business Insider reports, the cost to protect these two while they chose to live away from the White House ranged between $127,000 and $146,000 a day.

That’s quite the taxpayer bill just to keep Barron Trump happy, but what else could Melania do for her baby boy?

“I like to spend as much time as possible with him because children need your attention, they need to see that you are involved, and they really want their mommy there,” Melania told Mommy Helper in 2011.

Unexpected allies

While Donald and Melania Trump did their best to shield Barron from comments and criticism, there were still pundits, comedians, and other figures that tried to take swipes at him. And when they did so, Barron discovered he had some very unexpected allies!

Perhaps the most surprising ally was Chelsea Clinton. Despite the major political differences between the Clintons and the Trumps, Chelsea understood the unfair pressure facing “first children.” When some tried to criticize Barron after his father’s inauguration, Chelsea tweeted, “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid.”

Later that year, Chelsea tweeted a response to those criticizing Barron’s wardrobe choices. “It’s high time the media & everyone leave Barron Trump alone & let him have the private childhood he deserves.”

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 Golfing with dad

It’s an open secret that Donald Trump’s favorite hobby is golfing. And he seems to have passed his love of golf down to Barron.

Along with other family members, Barron would occasionally golf with Donald Trump. According to an insider who spoke to Politico, Barron is an impressive golfer. “I’ve seen Barron out there with him on a few occasions,” the insider said. “He’s a good athlete by his own right.” 

You might expect Barron to favor basketball over golf due to his great height. He now towers over Donald, making the teenage Trump an estimated 6’3″ at least!

Boring speech, anyway

One of Donald Trump’s unusual traits as president was his love of holding rallies long after winning the 2016 election. And he has continued holding these rallies even after losing the 2020 election.

However, hearing Dad talk was not always that exciting for Barron. The news networks made a big deal out of 10-year-old Barron visibly yawning during his dad’s speech in July 2016, back when Donald was on the campaign trail. But would any other 10-year-old behave any differently?

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Passion for sneakers

Because Barron stays out of the spotlight, one of the best ways to learn about him is by scrutinizing his rare public appearances. And based on this scrutiny, we have learned something unexpected: Barron has a real passion for sneakers!

While he has certainly worn other shoes, Barron seems most hyped about the 574 Core sneakers. He has a black pair of these shoes as well as a camel-colored pair, a grey and white pair, and a pair with reflective detailing.

We may not know much about Barron, but his love of fashionable sneakers makes him that much easier to relate to.

Still getting embarrassed by mom

It’s almost reassuring to understand this simple fact: nobody is ever too rich, too famous, or too old to be embarrassed by their mother.

And Barron discovered this in March 2021 when his mother wished him a happy birthday on social media. Via Twitter, Melania issued a message saying “Happy birthday BWT” (the initials stand for Barron William Trump).

The message itself is just fine. But the balloon of the number 15 (highlighting Barron turning 15 years old) looks like it is made of dripping black blood. And the whole photo looks like it has a dark sepia filter on it.

Long story short? Melania’s attempt at a cheerful birthday greeting looked more like a picture from a funeral. But if it upset Barron any, he channeled his years of practice staying out of the spotlight and avoided saying anything.

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A good uncle

Given how young Barron is, you might be surprised he makes for a pretty good uncle to his older siblings’ children.

In 2017, older sister Ivanka tweeted this video showing Barron playing peek-a-boo and attempting to high-five her one-year-old son Theodore while Donald was signing his first executive orders. As part of the tweet, Ivanka proudly dubbed Barron a “baby whisperer.”