8 Strange Eating Habits Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a larger-than-life figure. And it turns out that he has a truly “larger-than-life” diet!

In fact, President Trump’s diet and eating habits are the stuff of legend. Here are just a few of the ways that Trump eats like no man has eaten before!

8 Strange Eating Habits of Donald Trump | InstantHub

No Breakfast

For breakfast, Trump likes to eat bacon and eggs. But that’s only when he bothers to eat anything at all!

Despite the common wisdom that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Trump is known for skipping breakfast in the morning. So, his first meal of the day is typically not until lunchtime.

That means that he gets his biggest meal at dinner. And trust us: it’s the kind of dinner that Trump himself might declare as “yuge!”

Four Meals, One Man

If you know anything about Trump, you know his love of fast food. He isn’t afraid to share his love for places like McDonald’s and Burger King, and he goes so far as to serve this food to visiting sports teams such as Clemson.

However, Trump arguably takes this fast food love a bit too far. Allegedly, one of the president’s favorite dinner options is to basically get several meals all at once. This includes getting two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, two Big Macs, and two chocolate shakes. All for one meal!

Particular Pizza Eater

Particular Pizza Eater | 8 Strange Eating Habits of Donald Trump | InstantHub(Andrew Savulich/News)

With his love of fast food, you can imagine that Trump also loves pizza. Heck, what New Yorker doesn’t love a good slice of pie?

However, Trump’s way of eating pizza is weird by the standards of New York and anywhere else. First of all, he prefers to eat his ‘za with a fork and knife instead of holding it by the crust.

In fact, Trump hates the crust so much that he doesn’t eat it. I guess nobody told him that’s the best part!

Ketchup King

It’s not all fast food for Donald Trump. Like most rich people, he enjoys sitting down to a fancy steak from time to time. But how he eats that steak is something likely to baffle the rich and poor alike.

Many food lovers debate what the perfect sauce for a steak is. Is it something fancy like Béarnaise? Or some more traditional over-the-counter steak sauce?

Instead, Trump has decided to flavor his meat another way entirely: by putting ketchup on his steak! With food sins like that, maybe he should stick with those fast food meals?

Six-Pack? More Like a Twelve-Pack

Six-Pack? More Like a Twelve-Pack | 8 Strange Eating Habits of Donald Trump | InstantHubLook closely… that’s not wine in Trump’s glass ⁠— it’s Diet Coke!

Trump famously avoids drinking any alcohol. However, he has another kind of drinking habit that is quiet alarming.

The president really loves Diet Coke. And he has taken this love to a true excess by reportedly drinking a whopping 12 cans a day!

The sheer amount of caffeine may help Trump power through the day (after all, he gets up very early). But many wonder if it can really be that healthy to drink an entire 12-pack each day. This actually adds up to 4,380 cans of soda per year!

Fortunately, it’s a diet soda. That leaves much more room for the fast food.

Well and Done

If you want to see foodies really fight it out, start asking them the best way to cook steak.

For example, people debate whether rare or medium is a better way to bring out the flavor of the meat. But in addition to dipping steak in ketchup, Trump does something else to his meals that is downright bizarre.

Trump always orders his steak well-done. In the parlance of Pulp Fiction, he’d rather have it “burnt to a crisp” rather than “bloody as hell.” The fact that this leaves the steak as a kind of uniformly charred meat instead of a lovingly-crafted meal is, sadly, of no concern to the president.

Deep-Fried Delicacy

Deep-Fried Delicacy | 8 Strange Eating Habits of Donald Trump | InstantHub

Some of Trump’s food habits are basically like he took comfort food to the extreme. And that is most obvious when it comes to how he prefers his macaroni and cheese. In most fast food joints, mac and cheese is just a glorified side item. But Trump has found a way to turn it into a deep-friend delicacy.

While visiting New Hampshire in 2016, Trump ordered the “Newton Burger” at a local diner. The burger consists of lettuce, tomato, onion, and a scoop of deep-fried mac and cheese. Instead of hamburger buns, this yummy goodness is sandwiched between two individual grilled cheese sandwiches. But this filling meal didn’t keep him from also eating some fries and (what else?) a Diet Coke.

Scoops Ahoy

One of Trump’s big hobbies is a kind of social dominance. After all, where’s the fun in being on top if other people don’t know you’re the top dog?

Sometimes, this crosses over into his eating habits. For example, when everyone is eating in the White House, Trump has a strange habit when dessert is coming out. If everyone is getting pie with ice cream, Trump makes sure he gets two scoops and everyone else gets only one.

If you were hoping for more scoops on your plate, you’ll just have to win the next presidential election!