Is Barron Being Taller Behind a Feud With Donald Trump?

Barron Trump remains the most mysterious member of Donald Trump’s family. The reason he is so mysterious, however, isn’t much of a mystery: he’s the youngest member of the family, and everyone is understandably focused on giving Barron something close to a normal childhood, and that means making sure the internet isn’t constantly bombarded by new photos of the teenager.

That means we only get info about Barron from those with insider knowledge, and veteran reporter Michael Wolff dropped a big bombshell in his book Siege: Trump Under Fire. He claims that not only do Barron and Donald Trump share a strained relationship but that the cause of the feud might just be Trump’s worries about his son being taller than him.

What do we know about this strange beef, and how has it affected the Trump family? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Donald Trump has a solid relationship with most of his children

Part of what makes the idea of Donald Trump feuding with Barron Trump seem so unbelievable is that he seems to have a very solid relationship with most of his other children. He’s made it clear that Ivanka is his favorite in the weirdest possible ways over the years, but Donald gets along well enough with everyone to trust them with his businesses.

Over the years, Donald, Jr, Eric, and Ivanka have all helped make the family business successful. When Donald Trump was elected president, the kids all supported his endeavors, and Ivanka Trump even became an official Advisor to the President. But while their relationships all seemed to grow closer during Donald’s time as president, his relationship with Barron at the time may have been on much less stable footing.

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The relationship between Donald Trump and Barron Trump is on rockier ground

There has been much speculation about Donald Trump’s exact relationship with Barron since well before Trump became president. That stems largely from comments he made in the past: as Cosmopolitan reports, he once appeared on The Opie and Anthony Show and seemed to outline what he would do once pregnant Melania Trump gave birth to Barron: “I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking the kids down Central Park.”

Such a hands-off approach to fatherhood doesn’t sound like it would encourage bonding between father and son. You might expect Trump to get closer to Barron over time, but that’s not necessarily true. As The Cut reports, it was as recently as 2019 that Trump described Melania and Barron by saying, “She’s got a son,” and that doesn’t exactly imply a close relationship between Donald and Barron.

Rumors of a feud between Donald and Barron Trump

Again, we only get our news about Barron Trump in dribs and drabs, and that makes it difficult to know what the young man is thinking and feeling at any given moment. In this case, most of our info about an alleged feud between Barran and Donald Trump is courtesy of Michael Wolff’s book Siege: Trump Under Fire.

As reported by Yahoo!, Wolff claims in the book that Donald Trump was jealous of his son’s height. Barron was only 12 years old at the time and starting to grow up in the most literal sense. Now, the young man is 6”8 and positively towers over the 6”1 Donald Trump, and many are saying that jealousy over Barron’s height is one of the reasons the two are feuding.

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A possible answer to an ongoing mystery

Earlier, we pointed out that it’s very rare that we get any new photos of Barron Trump. However, if you check out the most recent photos, you’ll notice an interesting pattern: they are almost always photos of Barron with Melania. We hardly ever see Barron Trump standing next to his dad in these photos.

If this news about Donald Trump being jealous of his son’s height is true, then their lack of shared photos makes sense. In short (no pun intended), if Donald Trump is jealous that his son is taller than him, the last thing he wants to do is stand next to Barron so the world can comment on their height difference!

A new ‘height’ to Donald Trump’s pettiness?

As a veteran businessman, we have the feeling Donald Trump has uttered the words “it’s nothing personal” on countless occasions. However, if Michael Wolff is to be believed, the alleged feud between Donald and Barron may not be personal for the hilarious reason that Donald hates it when anyone is taller than him.

This came up when Wolff appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. “[Donald] is jealous of everyone’s height,” Wolff said. “He never lets himself be in a photograph with someone taller than he is. Height is one of his techniques. He uses his height — and, remember, Donald Trump is a very large man.”

Considering that many believe Donald Trump lied about his height and weight when he was arrested in Atlanta in August, we might have stumbled onto some delicious irony here: Donald Trump, a man who is never afraid to mock the appearance of others, may be very sensitive about his own public appearances. Here’s hoping he can get over that in time to patch things up with Barron.

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