Barron Trump Is Now the Tallest Member of the Trump Family

It’s fairly common for Donald Trump to shock the world when he opens his mouth to speak. These days, though, the most shocking member of the family is Barron Trump. And he doesn’t have to say a word to make an impression!

That’s because 15-year-old Barron Trump, who seemed pretty tall before, just keeps growing. These days, he is actually the tallest member of the Trump family. And it looks like he hasn’t stopped growing yet!

Just how tall will Barron Trump get? And how does he stack up to the rest of the family? Keep reading to find out!

Barron Trump’s height raised eyebrows in July 2021

While the height of Barron Trump has been notable for a long time, the public really took notice of it in July 2021. This is when Barron and Melania Trump were photographed shopping together in New York City, and it was clear to everyone that Barron was towering over his mother.

Now, it should be noted here that Melania is not a short woman. In fact, at 5’11”, Melania is a very tall woman. But Barron is a whopping 6’7″ and looks like he should be on a basketball court instead of shopping in fancy NYC boutiques.

Perhaps the wildest detail of all is that Barron turned 15 years old in March 2021. That means he has several more years to potentially grow even taller!

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How much taller could Barron Trump get?

Just how tall is Barron likely to get? Believe it or not, answering this question is fairly difficult. One old rule of thumb for estimating a child’s future adult height is to combine the heights of the parents, divide by two, and then add two inches.

But given the heights of his parents (Donald Trump at 6’3″ and Melania Trump at 5’11”), that would mean Barron should have stopped growing at 6’1″. Considering he is six inches taller than that and still growing, we clearly need to throw the old rule of thumb out and get more scientific.

According to research from the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, boys typically reach 92% of their peak adult height during puberty. And most boys stop growing taller at age 16. So if Barron is 6’7″ now, he could possibly reach nearly 6’11” by the time he stops growing!

Now that you know more about how tall Barron is now and how tall he is likely to get, keep reading to discover how he stacks up in height to other members of his family. Here are the other members of the Trump family ranked from tallest to shortest.

Eric Trump: 6’5″

Of Donald Trump’s three children with Ivana Trump, 37-year-old Eric Trump is the youngest. What you may not have known is that he was also previously the tallest of the Trump family at 6’5″. But now his young half-brother Barron has him beaten by a whole two inches!

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Donald Trump: 6’3″

Fittingly enough, Donald Trump is near the top of this list at a respectable 6’3″. He never seemed afraid to use his height when he had to, including towering over opponents on debate stages (something we may yet see again in 2024). These days, though, he must feel weird seeing his youngest son so much taller than him.

Jared Kushner: 6’3″

Many journalists and pundits have pondered how Jared Kushner ingrained himself into the Trump family so thoroughly. After all, he parlayed marrying eldest Trump daughter Ivanka into having a major global influence on worldwide events! Of course, the fact that he’s one of the few men tall enough to look Donald Trump in the eyes probably helped.

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Donald Trump Jr.: 6’1″

Out of all of Trump’s children, Don Jr. is the only one to directly bear the Donald Trump namesake. It’s possible daddy Donald was hoping for a son just as tall (or taller) than he is. While that happened with both Barron and Eric, it looks like Don Jr. continues to fall a bit short of his father.

Melania Trump: 5’11”

When Donald Trump first met Melania, she was a model. And her height was presumably one of her greatest assets in this line of work. At 5’11”, she is considerably taller than average for women, and this likely makes life with her even taller husband a bit easier. Although the fact that Barron is so much taller than Mom and Dad will likely always be weird.

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Ivanka Trump: 5’11”

When they were living and working in the White House, the media made a big deal about the rumors that Melania and Ivanka Trump don’t get along. But you’d expect them to get along well. After all, they are of matching heights and can always see things “eye to eye.”

Tiffany Trump: 5’8″

Compared to Donald Trump’s other family members, Tiffany Trump usually feels like the odd one out as his only child with second wife Marla Maples. But she is the odd one out when it comes to her height as well. At 5’8″, Tiffany is the shortest of Donald’s children. However, 5’8″ is still fairly tall for a woman. The average height of American women is 5’4″.

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Marla Maples: 5’8″

Still, Tiffany Trump is not alone. Her mother Marla Maples, an actress, model, and Donald Trump’s second wife, is also 5’8″. But how does Marla compare to Donald’s first wife Ivana Trump?

Ivana Trump: 5’8″

There is some confusion about exactly how tall Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump is. Some websites claim she is 5’11”, but photos of her standing next to her 5’11” daughter Ivanka clearly show Ivanka is taller than her. claims Ivana once wrote, “I lost about eighteen pounds. I weighed about a hundred and three pounds on my five-foot, eight-inch body. I was a bone!”

So, there you have it. From the woman herself, Ivana Trump is 5’8″, making her tied for the shortest member of the Trump family. Still, like Melania and her son Barron, Ivana’s height didn’t stop her children Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric from becoming taller than her.