Surprising Signs Barron Trump Hates Being the Center of Attention

Donald Trump has been a divisive figure long before he became elected president of the United States. That election victory kicked that divisiveness into high gear, and Trump was soon embroiled in one controversy after another. Love him or hate him, one thing became abundantly clear: this is a man who enjoys being in the spotlight.

His time in the White House helped us see how much Donald Trump’s family loves being the center of attention. Names like “Melania Trump,” for example, soon became household words around the world. But for all the time his famous parents spent in the White House and beyond, Barron Trump seems to hate the spotlight just as much as Donald loves it.

Barron doesn’t make many statements, but the signs are there that he hates being the center of attention. What kinds of signs are we talking about? Keep reading to find out!

Avoiding appearances on the campaign trail

Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016 helped him see how useful his family could be on the campaign trail. Now that he is running for president again in 2024, some of those family members are by his side once more. We’ve already seen Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. (along with their partners) playing significant roles in Trump’s newest campaign. However, notably absent from all of this is Barron Trump.

In fact, not only is Barron absent from the campaign trail, but he wasn’t even there when Donald Trump made the announcement that he was running for president again. It was a big event right there in Mar-a-Lago where Barron lives, but he didn’t attend the major announcement. The most likely reason for this is that he didn’t want to deal with the media scrutiny that comes from getting in front of the cameras.

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Ditching social media

One of the easiest ways to deduce that Barron Trump hates being in the spotlight is to compare him to the children of other presidents. For example, in 2016, former President Barack Obama admitted that he let his daughter Sasha use Twitter. She did so anonymously, of course, but the fact she had an account at all spoke to her need to develop an online influence of her own.

What about Barron Trump? According to Melania Trump, he didn’t have any kind of social media accounts in 2018. That could have changed in recent years, but there have been no indications that he has secret accounts anywhere, and neither he nor his parents have discussed it. Whether online or offline, it seems like Barron wants to keep the lowest possible profile.

No big smiles for the camera

Barron tries to avoid official events when he can (more on this later), but he still pops up in front of cameras from time to time. Typically, he would be in the company of his mother and father, both of whom were accustomed to flashing giant smiles at the camera. As for Barron, he never really seems to smile when the cameras are on him.

Again, to understand how weird this is, we just need to compare Barron to Sasha and Malia Obama. Across Barack Obama’s eight years as president, we had countless pictures of the young girls playing around the White House, and they always looked smiling and happy. Comparatively, Barron Trump is always frowning when the cameras are on him, which might just be a natural reaction to wanting the photographers to go away!

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Skipping out on official events

While president, Donald Trump hosted many important events at the White House. That’s where Barron lived, so we kind of expected to see his presence at any number of these events. There was certainly a precedent established by the Obamas: it became very common to see Sasha and Malia Obama appear at state dinners. With all that in mind, Barron could have been present at any number of official events if he wanted to.

Of course, “if he wanted to” is the key term here. Barron consistently avoided official events, and it was clear that he just didn’t want to be there if he could avoid it. In his defense, those appearances by Sasha and Malia Obama always generated headlines, so skipping things like state dinner was a natural decision for someone who wanted to lay low.

Barron has no celebrity friendships

From their time in the White House to the present day, Sasha and Malia Obama knew how to make some famous friends. They’ve hung out with actors like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and musicians like Drake and Justin Beiber. Heck, they hugged Beyonce, and now that Malia is a Hollywood player, she regularly works with acting and musical legend Donald Glover.

Compared to that, Barron seemingly has no celebrity friends. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s interesting that he never utilized his leverage to hang with influential celebs like other presidents’ kids have done. It seems that Barron really does want to keep the lowest profile, and avoiding hanging out with the most famous people in the world is a great way to do that!

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