Barron Trump’s Life Is Completely Different After Leaving The White House

Barron Trump was always something of an oddity in the Trump family. Due to his young age, both Donald and Melania Trump tried to keep Barron out of the spotlight. But this meant when he did make appearances, the public couldn’t help but want to know more about him. Especially when they saw how tall Barron was when standing next to his very father (Donald is 6”3).

Now, though, the entire family is living new lives away from the White House. To judge from his political rallies and Truth Social posts, Donald Trump is hard at work trying to move back to Washington D.C. But Barron might not like that because of the brand new life he is leading.

What’s that new life like? Keep reading to find out!

Bonding with daddy dearest

Even after leaving the White House, Donald Trump has stayed busy both campaigning for a 2024 presidential run and dealing with the political and legal fallout of his presidency. Despite this, he still finds time to engage in his one true passion: golf. And now, it looks like Barron might be starting to share his dad’s love of the game!

One source told People that Donald had some surprising company when he played 18 holes at the familiar Trump International Golf Club. “Donald actually played golf with Barron … over the weekend. This was a big deal and surprising,” the source said. “For those who see Donald playing golf so frequently, they have rarely seen him with Barron.”

Now, time will tell whether this was a one-off special outing or the beginning of a new bonding ritual. Either way, it looks like part of Barron’s new life after leaving the White House is getting extended face time with dad.

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A change in schools

Perhaps the biggest change to Barron’s daily routine is his change in schools. Back when the Trump family lived in the White House, Barron attended Saint Andrew’s School. Now that the family has moved to Mar-a-Lago, Florida, Barron attends Oxbridge Academy.

As you might imagine, Oxbridge is an academy that is both prestigious and expensive. In fact, The Sun reports that tuition for the school would be $34,800. This hefty tuition buys many perks for the students, including access to an on-campus physical therapist. Barron also eats gourmet lunches prepared by world-class chefs, so you probably won’t be able to bond with him by swapping stories of eating nasty, greasy pizza from the school cafeteria.

A prestigious new school with a history of scandals

In the area, it’s safe to say that the Trumps have gotten Barron into the best school that money can buy. However, this is also a school with and long and troubling history of scandals.

As reported by the New York Times, the school’s reputation took a big ding in 2016. That was when revelations came to light that the school was changing student grades to help students, taking kickbacks, and frivolously spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on things like school trips.

Most concerningly, several female employees reported that the head of the school, Robert Parsons, had sexually harassed them. Parsons eventually lost his job and several employee contracts were not renewed as Oxbridge tried to focus on rebuilding. Of course, having a former president’s child attending school will probably go a long way toward helping the academy recruit more students and gain more donations.

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Spa days with mom

Historically, Barron has seemed to spend more time with Melania than Donald. For example, both of them delayed moving into the White House because they wanted Barron to finish his school year in New York. Even though moving to Mar-a-Lago has meant a new life for Barron, he still finds plenty of time to hang out with Melania.

People reports that Barron has been spending his spare time getting spa treatments with his mother. These spa treatments are very conveniently located inside the Mar-a-Lago estate, meaning these members of such a famous family don’t have to risk being sighted by the paparazzi.

That last part is very important because the entire family has only one goal for Barron after leaving the White House: to help him lead a normal life.

Focusing on living a normal life

When you get right down to it, there is very little we know about Barron Trump. And this is all thanks to his parents (particularly Melania) that have worked so hard to keep him out of the public eye.

This was true back in their White House days as well. Barron never appeared in as many photos because his appearances were few and far between. And you never knew when he’d pop up…one time, it was during the White House Easter Egg Roll. Another time, it was during the solar eclipse.

Now that Barron lives in Florida, he continues to avoid the spotlight whenever possible. He mostly leaves home to go to Oxbridge, where he is protected by Secret Service agents. When he does want to stretch his legs, he can always visit Trump properties to engage in golfing with dad.

Speaking of dad, Donald Trump recently gave us another glimpse into Barron’s life. The U.S. Sun reports that during a CPAC speech earlier this year, Donald bragged about his son’s computer skills, saying that “he can make his computer sing.” It seems being rich and famous doesn’t change the fundamental fact that teenage boys love to play around on their computers!

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