Surprising Secrets About Barron Trump’s Childhood Now Revealed

We have often declared Barron Trump to be the most mysterious member of the Trump family. That’s not a hard title to obtain, of course: from former president Donald Trump on down, the Trump family generally thrives on celebrity and publicity. As such, it’s never too long before we hear from them in social media posts, political rallies, and television interviews.

Barron Trump, however, was largely shielded from publicity so that he could have a relatively normal childhood. Naturally, many people were curious as to just what his childhood was really like. Now, we have the answers, and many of them are likely to surprise you!

Just what was Barron Trump’s childhood like, and what does it tell us about the young man he has grown into? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Growing up with plenty of space

How much space did you have growing up? Most of us were lucky if we simply had one small room to call our own. As the son of one of the richest people in the world, though, Barron Trump had a bit more room to himself than the average kid.

As reported by Express, Barron Trump grew up in Trump Tower. While there, he had far more than his own room: he actually had an entire floor within the tower. Given this information, we couldn’t help but remember how Melania Trump hesitated to move herself and Barron out of Trump Tower and into the White House. At the time, Melania insisted she just wanted Barron to finish his schooling back home, but now we can’t help but wonder if the young boy didn’t see moving into the comparatively more cramped White House as a downgrade to his usual high standards of living!

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There was no nanny for this little rich boy

One of the more persistent stereotypes of the ultra-wealthy is that rich parents often hire nannies to essentially raise their children. The idea is that when someone else has to deal with all the dirty work like cleaning and feeding the kids, wealthy parents would have that much more time to focus on their own lives.

Surprisingly, though, Donald and Melania Trump didn’t rely on nannies for Barron Trump. According to People, Melania doesn’t believe in nannies for a simple reason. “If you have too much help, you don’t get to know your children.” By skipping out on hiring a nanny, the Trumps could ensure they developed a closer relationship with Barron. But it was soon clear that he would be spending more time with one of those parents than the other.

Donald Trump was a hands-off parent

Before he had serious political aspirations, Donald Trump took particular delight in conducting radio and television interviews in which he shared way too much info about his life. And because of his own words in an old 2005 Opie and Anthony interview, we know for a fact that Donald Trump was an extremely hands-off father to Barron Trump.

As reported by BuzzFeed News, Trump was asked whether he’d change diapers, and he bluntly said that he would not and furthermore, that men who did change diapers were conditioned to “act like the wife.” From there, he went on to say “I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids,” summing things up with the statement “Melania is a wonderful mother. She takes care of the baby and I pay all of the costs.”

These days, Barron Trump seems to have a much closer relationship with his famous father. Growing up, however, it’s clear that Barron spent the majority of his time with Melania.

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His imagination was encouraged at a young age

Growing up, Barron Trump could have had almost anything he wanted. You might think this would potentially dull his imagination, but the opposite ended up happening.

According to Moms, Melania Trump shocked the world when she declared that she let Barron write on the walls when he was growing up in order to foster his imagination. “His imagination is growing and important. He draws on the walls in his playroom, we can paint it over,” she said. “One day he was playing bakery, and he wrote Barron’s Bakery on the wall with crayons. He is very creative.”

While it sounds like Barron really was a creative kid growing up, we bet many parents would still be horrified at the prospect of letting their own kids use crayons to redecorate the space. To those parents, though, Melania posed a simple question that cuts to the heart of the matter: “if you say to a child no, no, no, where does the creativity go?”

Dealing with protective parents

Melania Trump may have been happy to let Barron run wild with his imagination when he was younger. However, as the child grew older, Donald Trump became a more prominent part of his son’s life, and that brought out the protective side of the Trump family patriarch.

Athletics run in the Trump family (Donald himself was quite the baseball player back in the day), but the older Trump admitted that he wouldn’t want his son to ever take up football due to safety concerns. As reported by CNN, Donald said he wouldn’t exactly forbid Barron from playing football if he really wanted to, but he would never push him in that direction because “it’s a dangerous sport.”

Trump seemed pained to admit this, and went on to declare his great love of football in general and the NFL in particular. Still, he’s aligned with many former NFL players on this matter: “I’ve heard NFL players saying they wouldn’t let their sons play football. So it’s not unique, but I – I would have a hard time with it.”

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