All About Barron Trump’s Weird Self-Care Ritual With Melania

In his own way, Barron Trump remains the most mysterious member of the Trump family. While his famous parents and older siblings are always making one media appearance after another, Barron has mostly been kept in seclusion. This protects him from the paparazzi and lets him have a normal life…or, whatever passes for a normal life for one of the richest and wealthiest children in the world.

Because Barron is so reclusive, any word about his hobbies or interests is always fascinating. With that being said, we couldn’t believe the strange details we heard about his old nightly skincare ritual. Just what is this ritual, and why does his mother have to be there to apply the lotion? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Barron Trump’s strange nighttime skin ritual

Back in 2013, Barron Trump had a strange nighttime skincare ritual. Specifically, he would get his mother to apply a skincare product in which the main ingredient was caviar. Moreover, she’d apply it every single night.

According to the New York Daily News, Melania Trump previously described their evening ritual, saying “I put it on him from head to toe. He likes it!” And while we don’t doubt that Barron enjoyed receiving all this individual attention from his mother, it’s worth noting that Melania had an ulterior motive in telling the world about this new moisturizing product. 

That motive? She had designed the product, and it even had her name on it!

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Melania tries her hand at business

The skincare product in question is part of the now-defunct beauty line The Melania Skin Collection. As HuffPost points out, the products’ main ingredient is caviar that comes “from a cultured sturgeon farm in the South of France, where it is harvested at optimal ripeness to maintain the nutrients” At the time of their release, her skincare products sold for anywhere between $50 to $150.

In other words, telling the world about using it on Barron each night was about more than sharing a cutesy family anecdote. Melania obviously hoped that more families would make her unconventional skincare routine part of their own evening rituals, but that simply wasn’t destined to happen due to the brand imploding.

Fighting to create her brand

Melania was surely hoping that slapping her own famous name on a brand of skincare products would lead to success. After all, this approach had worked for so many of her husband’s business ventures over the years. Unfortunately, her Barron-approved caviar skin cream simply wasn’t meant to be.

According to Racked, the supposed health benefits of caviar are quite uncertain and quite unproven. While Melania’s business skills seemed proven (her line of jewelry, for example, had been a success), she wasn’t actually the one who caused the business to fail. Instead, everything went under due to internecine infighting among two of the main moneymen involved (Steve Hilbert and John Menard). 

The final result was that, ironically enough, Barron and Melania Trump were some of the only people who ended up using this luxury skin cream. Of course, putting on some skin cream probably seemed like a good idea after this legal venture threatened to burn Melania in a big way.

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Going to court over caviar

Behind the scenes of Melania’s caviar skin cream, chaos reigned. The two entrepreneurs we mentioned before (Steve Hilbert and John Menard) were having a nasty showdown: Menard fired Hilbert and Hilbert refused to leave, leading Menard to sue him and Hilbert to countersue. 

Where does Melania Trump play into all this? Eventually, Menard decides that suing her is the only play that is left to him. Now that the skincare line was a failure after having hardly launched in the first place, Menard hoped a successful suit could help him emerge without debt and with his reputation relatively intact.

That made the kind of business sense that Donald Trump himself would likely understand and approve of. Unfortunately, it meant that the skincare line that Melania had spent over a decade helping to personally develop was more or less completely dead on arrival.

Add this to the pile of failed Trump family projects

On paper, the debacle with the caviar skin cream seems like an outlier. Obviously, the Trump name has been attached to a number of successful projects. But it’s important to remember that more than a few family projects have failed, even ones with Donald’s name attached.

As Rolling Stone points out, Donald Trump’s own failed businesses include Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, and Trump University. Even his casinos failed, which took many by surprise because such ventures are considered more or less foolproof.

And it might make Melania Trump feel better to know that other members of the family have had their own business ventures crash and burn. This notably includes Ivanka Trump, whose own fashion line ended up crashing and burning.

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