Photos of Hillary Clinton She Never Wanted Us to See

Hillary Clinton has been a major part of our culture for decades. At first, she was in the shadow of her husband, Bill Clinton. Soon, though, Hillary embraced being the career politician of the family, and she held prominent governmental roles long after her husband’s second term. All of this culminated in a failed presidential run of her very own where she lost against Donald Trump.

Because she has been in the public eye for so long, Hillary Clinton has done a pretty good job of controlling her image. But this doesn’t change the fact that she is one of the most well-documented people in the entire world, and there are plenty of photos out there that she likely didn’t want the world to see.

What kind of photos are we talking about? Just what images does Hillary want to keep hidden? Keep reading to learn the answers!

Hillary as a baby

Hillary Clinton was born back in 1947. And this photo captures a sweet moment between her and her mother Dorothy in 1948.

They grow up so fast

As every parent knows, children grow up before you know it. Here, a blossoming Hillary Clinton strikes a pose in 1960.

Hillary the congressional intern

Hillary Clinton was always destined for a life in politics. Just check out this 1968 picture from her time as a Congressional intern!

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Earnest protest supporter

Over time, both Bill and Hillary Clinton would come to represent our ideas of the wealthy establishment. Ironically, this photo captures a moment where Hillary Clinton spoke of her support for student protests against establishment figures and ideas!

The Clintons as you’ve never seen them

Eventually, Bill and Hillary Clinton adopted the wardrobe and overall aesthetic of lifetime politicians. When they attended Yale law school in the 1970s, though, these two seemed to love dressing like hippies!

Helping impeach Nixon

Just how long has Hillary Clinton had political ambitions? Here, we see her helping bring impeachment charges against Nixon as part of the Rodino Committee.

The sound of wedding bells

Hillary looks quite happy here on the day of her wedding. Little does she know how much marriage to Bill is going to challenge those vows of supporting her husband.

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Chelsea the wild card

By all accounts, Chelsea Clinton has always been a good kid. But this photo shows she wasn’t afraid to interrupt what her parents were doing, even when that is an important interview on election night in Little Rock, Arkansas.

When Bill announced his presidential run

This energetic photo captures the moment that Bill Clinton announced his run for president. In retrospect, this is a moment that would change the lives of the Clinton family forever!

A sweet moment together

The Clinton marriage has obviously faced more than a few obstacles. But this moment of the two dancing on inauguration night in 1993 shows just how tight their bond really is.

Quite a “stretch”

In Hillary’s defense, it’s tough to hold onto your dignity when hanging out with children. But we can’t stop laughing at this goofy image of her practicing hand exercises along with the kids!

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Parental consultation

Most daughters know the pain of their parents criticizing the latest outfits and fashions. Here, we see Hillary offering final approval to Chelsea’s skirt length ahead of Bill’s second inauguration as president.

Quiet moments in the White House

Bill Clinton’s presidency saw an unprecedented level of technological and economic progress as well as unprecedented media scrutiny of his presidency and its scandals. It’s understandable that he and Hillary would enjoy the quiet moments when they could.

Not quite winning those hearts and minds

In 2000, Hillary visited schools as she ran for the New York senator position. While she looks really into it, we can’t say the same for those kids in the first row!

Getting ready for the debate

Before he secured the Democratic nomination, it looked like Hillary would be running for president in 2008. Here, we see her and Barack Obama making minor adjustments ahead of their big debate in the DNC primary.

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A bittersweet moment

This great photo shows how much support Hillary enjoyed on the 2016 campaign trail. Considering how that campaign ended, though, such photos are more than a little bittersweet.

Becoming a grandmother

Hillary Clinton’s political career has brought both joy and sorrow. It looks like becoming a grandmother, though, brings nothing but joy.

Accepting the Democratic nomination

This joyous photo captures the moment when Hillary Clinton accepted the DNC nomination to run for president. Little did she know how tumultuous the next months would be.

Conceding the election

It was a long and hard-fought campaign, but one that Hillary eventually lose. This photo captures the somber mood when she conceded that she had lost the 2016 election.

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Training the next generation of political leaders

Hillary may be out of politics now, but she is still ready to help the next generation. For example, this photo is from when she spoke at the New York State Democratic Convention in early 2022.