Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Secrets Are Out

In middle school or high school, most children grow up reading “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs. This is, of course, the classic story where the paw can make a wish come true, but often with unintentionally horrific consequences.

This is a fictional story, but the real story of Hillary Clinton sometimes makes us think she made a wish on that paw long ago. Back in the day, she had to put many of her own career ambitions to back her husband’s successful bid for presidency, including some awful “stand by your man” moments amid multiple sex scandals.

Clinton clearly wanted her own power, and she got it: She became a senator, then the Secretary of State, and she very nearly became president, winning the popular vote but, crucially, not the electoral majority. Modern-day Clinton achieved more power than 90’s Hillary could ever have dreamed, but at a price: she is now a figure reviled by conservatives, leftists, and more than a few liberals.

But who is the real Hillary? Now that she’s done with political bids and the monkey’s paw has finished curling, we can take a deep dive into her biggest secrets.

Former Republican

Even before Hillary Clinton ran for president, she was a perennial boogeyman in various Republican circles. And during the 2016 election debates, her barbed exchanges with Donald Trump were the stuff of legend. This is what makes it all the more surprising that she is a former Republican!

As one expert explained to Chicago magazine, Hillary was raised in Park Ridge. And “In Park Ridge in the 1960s, it wasn’t really accepted to be a Democrat. Everybody was a Republican.” One person who knew Hillary back then says she loved Republican Barry Goldwater’s book The Conscience of a Conservative as a teen and went so far as to wear “Goldwater Girls” sashes to school to show her support for the conservative politician.

However, Hillary became a hippie when she went to college. By then, she was set on the political path that would help define her life.

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Infertility struggles

Chelsea Clinton has become a celebrity in her own right. And since we have had years to get to know Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter, there was never any doubt about the fertility of the power couple.

To this day, Clinton hasn’t said anything to confirm the diagnosis, but many believe that she suffers from endometriosis. This can affect fertility, and On the Issues reports that Bill and Hillary had arranged to see a fertility specialist in 1979. They only canceled because they found out Hillary was pregnant, and she gave birth to Chelsea Clinton in 1980. However, they never had any more children, and this may very well be due to endometriosis or another fertility-affecting issue.

Astronaut dreams

Since Hillary Clinton has been focused on politics for the vast majority of her life, you might think she is living out her childhood dreams. But young Hillary didn’t dream of politics. Instead, she dreamed of heading to the stars.

As The Washington Post reports, Clinton said in a 2012 speech that “When we decided, under President Kennedy’s leadership, that our nation was going to go to the moon and we were going to have an astronaut program, I wanted to be an astronaut,” causing her to write a letter to NASA at the age of 13. Unfortunately, NASA wrote back, saying there never was and never would be any female astronauts!

The young Clinton was “crestfallen” at the time. Still, time has certainly proven NASA wrong, so Hillary really gets the last laugh.

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Modest beginnings

These days, Bill and Hillary Clinton are crazy-rich. And since we associate rich celebs with glam weddings, you might think these two had a stunning ceremony when they got married.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The couple got married in 1975, well before they were either famous or wealthy. Consequently, as Oprah Daily reports, they got married in their own living room with the help of a local minister. Only 15 guests were in attendance, and Hillary’s dress cost a whopping $53! The two did later splurge on a honeymoon to Acapulco, but there was a catch: pretty much all of Hillary’s family came with them.

Maybe Bill Clinton found that monkey’s paw before Hillary did!

Can’t hold a tune

Hillary Clinton has a great many skills. Apparently, though, singing has never been one of them!

This came up in her interview with Us Weekly. “I can’t carry a tune for the life of me,” she said. “My choir teacher used to ask me to mouth the words.” Of course, that’s nothing compared to the criticism of her own child. According to Hillary, her attempts to sing to a young Chelsea were met with a simple response: “No sing, Mommy, no sing.” Ouch!

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Grammy winner?!?

It seems insane to think that Hillary Clinton, who admits she can’t hold a tune, has won a Grammy. However, the award is not for any actual singing. Instead, she won Best Spoken Word or Non-Musical Album for the audio version of her famous book It Takes a Village.

According to the Grammy website, Clinton said in her acceptance speech that “I’m amazed,” and that “I didn’t even know that Grammys were given to tone deaf singers like me.” She went on to thank her family and publishers before praising the arts as “not a luxury but a necessity for the American culture identity and experience.”

Controversial kiss

In the Clinton family, you can usually count on Bill Clinton to cause trouble by kissing (among other things) other people. But in 1999, it was actually Hillary that caused a major stir when she kissed Suha Arafat, the wife of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

She was simply playing politics, which is something she later explained on a campaign trip in 2000. As The New York Times reports, she said “Some of you may or may have not been to the Middle East, but a kiss is a handshake.” Still, many in 1999 thought the kiss meant Clinton supported Arafat’s anti-Israeli remarks, and Clinton later condemned much of what Arafat had to say.

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