10 Most Popular Hillary Clinton Videos on TikTok

If you look up “divisive” in the dictionary, we wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a picture of Hillary Clinton next to it. Some haters have demonized her since the early days of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Others see her as nothing less than the president we should have had, especially in the wake of things like the COVID-19 pandemic and the Jan. 6 attack on our Capitol.

Regardless of how you personally feel about Hillary, she is quite popular over on TikTok. And some of the videos there may just change how you view her life and her legacy.

But where can you get started? To help you out, we put together this list of the most popular Hillary Clinton videos on TikTok.

Accepting the nomination

Ever get the feeling that you’re living in the darkest timeline? Well, this video is likely to bring that feeling back!

It captures the energy and sheer joy of the moment when Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination to run for president. The moment is electrifying, but it now looks very bittersweet a few years after her electoral defeat.

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She’s not down with TPP


Hilary Clinton has a savage moment?! Tag a friend who didn’t know she was like this!

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Even to her biggest fans, Hillary isn’t really known for her sense of humor. But this video may just change her reputation!

It captures her appearance on Between Two Ferns. When asked if she is “down with TPP” (the Trans-Pacific Partnership”), she simply says she is not down with it. Host Zach Galifianakis then suggests she was supposed to say “you know me” as a joke response, referencing the Naughty By Nature song “O.P.P.”

That would have been funny enough by itself. But without missing a beat, Hillary hilariously deadpans “Don’t tell me what to say,” leaving Galifianakis to prophesize that this might cause her to lose the election.

Is Hillary secretly a Beyoncé fan?

Is Hillary secretly a fan of Beyoncé? Sadly, this is still inconclusive.

This video shows someone asking a smiling Clinton if she is a fan of Beyoncé’s music. She says nothing at first before replying “Have a nice day” and walking away. Was she simply wanting to get away from the random questioning, or is she protecting a major secret?

Maybe one day we will know if she is truly a Beyoncé stan or not.

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Hillary’s middle school doppelgänger


Reply to @rylieandersonn she looks like me from middleschool #fyp #hilaryclinton

♬ Into The Thick Of It! – The Backyardigans

Hillary Clinton is one of those people who have been in the spotlight so long that they have distinct looks from distinct time periods. For example, the Hillary of the ’90s looks and dresses very differently from presidential candidate Hillary.

Here, though, we see a rare photo of Hillary Clinton in middle school. And the video comes courtesy of a young fan who suddenly realized she might be Hillary’s time-displaced doppelgänger.

Not even giving Trump the time of day

“Playing politics” can mean many things, and one of them is usually “pretending to get along with someone.” For example, the beginning of this video shows Barack Obama shaking Donald Trump’s hand. The two aren’t exactly friends, but since they were attending George H.W. Bush’s funeral, they put on a show of getting along.

But not Hillary Clinton! This video captures the fact that she not only didn’t shake Trump’s hand, but she didn’t even look in his general direction.

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Hillary: rare old photos

Did you like the earlier video of a young Hillary Clinton? Then you’re going to love this one!

In this video, we get an overview of different looks Hillary has rocked at different points in her career. Needless to say, every photo is dripping with girlboss energy.

Hillary predicts the future

TikTok users love to post video prompts for fellow content creators. And this prompt was to show us someone who was mocked at the time but later proven to be completely right.

In response, a user uploaded this clip of Hillary Clinton when she was debating Donald Trump. She described how Trump felt things were “rigged” every time he didn’t get his way, and this ranged from complaints about the Republican primaries to the Emmy Awards. She said “This is a mindset” and pointed out “this is how Donald thinks.”

Considering that Trump is still falsely claiming the 2020 election was rigged, it looks like Hillary was 100% right about this one.

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Catching Bill scoping out other women

Every now and then, we get a TikTok video that is funny on multiple levels. And this one is a favorite!

The audio used is already pretty funny as it showcases how out of it Bill Clinton looks and how amused Hillary is when she sees his face. Of course, the real context for this is that the two were attending Donald Trump’s inauguration and Bill seemed to be staring at Ivanka Trump!

Inspiring millions

As divisive as her life and career has been, Hillary Clinton has truly been a feminist inspiration for millions over the years. And this video captures why that is.

Back in 1992, a reporter asked why she kept practicing law when her husband was serving as the governor of Arkansas. Hillary pointed out that she wanted to “fulfill her profession” and that her career begin before Bill Clinton was famous.

In other words, her husband doesn’t define her career, and she wanted the world to know that. Is it any surprise that Beyoncé referenced this moment when she performed at a Hillary Clinton rally in 2016?

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Hillary with a Southern accent?!?

There are a lot of things that make this 1992 60 Minutes interview memorable. This includes the fact that Hillary has to speak about Gennifer Flowers’ affair allegations against Bill (truly a preview of things to come for the couple). And in this unaired clip, some lighting equipment falls over near the end, creating a truly scary moment.

But perhaps the most surprising thing is hearing Hillary speaking with a pronounced Southern accent. Sure, it makes sense that she sounded that way after spending nearly two decades in Arkansas, but her voice from 1992 sounds completely different than it does now.