Former Buckingham Palace Employees ‘Seething With Rage’ Over Harry and Meghan’s ‘Lies’

It’s an open secret that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have ruffled quite a few feathers in recent years. Their decision to step back from most royal responsibilities and leave England altogether angered family members (particularly King Charles and Prince William) after all the negative worldwide headlines about “Megxit.” And things only got messier from there, with Harry and Meghan giving a bombshell interview to Oprah in which they aired dirty family laundry and even accused an unnamed member of the Royal Family of making racist remarks regarding their first child, Archie, before he was born.

Now, Harry and Meghan have tried to reinvent themselves in a number of ways, including creating a documentary series about their lives for Netflix. But even this docuseries is causing scandals, with former employees of Buckingham Palace angry at alleged lies being shared by the royal duo.

What have they been allegedly lying about, and what else has these ex-employees simmering with rage? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Harry and Meghan’s idea of ‘truth’

One of the reasons that fans are likely to tune into a docuseries focused on Harry and Meghan is because they get a rare look at the inner lives of the Royal Family. Basically, the couple have cultivated a status of being royal rebels, so fans tune in to hear them discuss things that Buckingham Palace would rather be left unsaid.

In a trailer for the series, Harry makes this explicit by that there were always leaks regarding the Royal Family, but there were also cases of royals deliberately planting stories. “No one knows the full truth,” Harry said, before enticingly adding, “We know the full truth.”

This comment in particular angered a former palace aide to Meghan. As reported by The Mercury News, this aide responded to Harry’s statement by saying, “They always use vague terms ‘the truth,’ ‘my truth’, but nothing concrete is said.” It seems the aide believes that Harry and Meghan have a very flexible view of truth, and this is especially true when it comes to coverage of their own lives.

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Using the media as her pawns

The same former palace aide put forth a bombshell claim about Meghan Markle in particular. In an interview with The Times, the aide claims that Meghan relies on journalist Omid Scobie to make her look good in the press. Scobie was the co-author of the book Finding Freedom which focused on the lives of the Sussexes and previously received special briefings on the couple straight from Buckingham Palace.

Specifically, this aide believes that Meghan used Scobie to help amplify some of her claims that certain people within Buckingham Palace are racist. Of course, Meghan has had her fair number of media enemies over the years, so the idea of her strategically using a respected journalist to share her side of the story could be considered only fair. Still, her alleged use of a journalist to strengthen her claims makes it sound like she is more interested in creating a narrative than spreading an unvarnished truth.

Using misleading footage in trailers

In that same interview with The Times, a former member of the palace staff claimed that Harry and Meghan were not above making up stories to make themselves look better. For example, the former staffer pointed out that a trailer for the docuseries included scenes making it look like Meghan had to confront an angry mob, but some of these scenes literally had nothing to do with her, including one scene taken from television personality Katie Price’s court appearance.

In the eyes of this staffer, the royal couple is fabricating outright lies for the purpose of hyping up both their show and their own narrative of surviving persecution. “She never confronted scenes where she was mobbed because we did so much to protect her,” said the staffer, concluding with “so they’ve had to make them up.”

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Are Harry and Meghan playing a dangerous game?

At this point, you might be asking yourself a simple question: why don’t these angry staffers speak up without hiding behind anonymity? If there really is a track record of Harry and Meghan telling outright lies, it might seem easy enough for more people to step forward and share the truth.

However, the same former staffer shared a theory with The Times that Harry and Meghan are basically exploiting the fact that former Buckingham Palace employees are all restrained by the NDAs they signed before. Sure, they could break these agreements, but it would mean major financial consequences. “She knows we can’t financially protect ourselves by going to court, so she keeps pushing. It’s all a game for her. And she is loving it.”

In reality, an NDA violation would mean these employees could potentially be sued by the palace rather than Meghan directly. Still, the point stands: Harry and Meghan can say whatever they want to say about the Royal Family and life in the palace, and no staffer who wishes to officially say otherwise has enough spare cash to survive an extended legal battle.

As for the Royal Family, they maintain the British “stiff upper lip” to the point of offering no official commentary on the docuseries or rebuttal to some of its claims. Morally speaking, that means Buckingham is taking the high road on this matter. But in the eyes of several former palace staffers, it means that Harry and Meghan will continue to tell “lies” that the Times reports have left staffers “seething with rage,” and there is nothing anybody can do about it.