Shocking Reasons Why People HATE Meghan Markle

It’s not uncommon to see someone try to reinvent themselves. However, a small part of us can never help but ask, “what was wrong with the old you?”

That’s a question many are now asking of Meghan Markle. She already reinvented herself once before, going from being a modestly successful actor and social media guru to marrying Prince Harry and entering into the Royal Family. And now that she and Harry have stepped down from most royal responsibilities and moved to America, she is trying to reinvent herself again with everything from shocking Oprah interviews to Netflix documentaries.

All of these moves are calculated to make the average person more sympathetic to her. However, those who truly hate Meghan Markle often do so because they know the truths she is fleeing from. Keep reading to discover the shocking reasons why so many people hate this outcast royal!

Secret bully and control freak

Think back to that Oprah interview. The primary thrust of it was that Meghan Markle was bullied and neglected by the Royal Family, culminating in her and Harry needing to flee the country altogether. Before that, though, and behind closed doors, it was Meghan herself that was allegedly the bully.

As Newsweek reports, some of the royal staff complained about Meghan being an unrepentant bully driven by “totally unacceptable” behavior and actions. Later, Meghan’s official PR people would claim that this was just a smear campaign and part of the media’s coordinated attacks against her.

However, we mostly know these details because of leaked emails from Jason Knauf, a man who previously worked as a Kensington Palace communications secretary. Why would he be writing internally about Meghan’s behavior to shame her when he could just go to the press himself? For our money, Meghan is likely a tyrant when the camera isn’t rolling.

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Always playing the victim

With things like revelations during the Oprah interview and selected interviews, Meghan Markle has mastered the art of making herself look like a victim. And we don’t doubt that an American outsider coming into the Royal Family likely had to deal with quite a bit of pushback. However, it’s frankly difficult to hear these claims coming from one of the richest and most popular women in the entire world.

For example, all of this controversy started after she married her own charming prince, something that countless people would kill to do. She supercharged her wealth and influence and lived in palatial estates. And even largely cut off from the Royal Family now, she and Harry rub elbows with celebrities and make millions off of media deals.

Long story short? We don’t doubt that Meghan faced many obstacles in the form of media tabloids and her own adopted family. But it’s tough to hear for most of us when she could literally wipe her tears away with money like Woody Harrelson in Zombieland!

Very hypocritical

You know that meme from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Mac proudly declares “I’m playing both sides, so that I always come out on top?” This basically describes Meghan Markle’s whole life, and the hypocrisy is starting to get annoying.

For example, Meghan has become one of the most outspoken critics of the Royal Family. However, she owes almost all of her current wealth and status to entering that family. Nonetheless, she never believes she is part of the problem, despite being a problematic royal in her own right.

And since her days as an actor, Meghan has positioned herself as an every woman that, well, every woman can aspire to. But she spends more on things like expensive clothes and fancy houses than many of us will make in a lifetime. Not exactly something we can aspire to short of winning the lottery.

Finally, Meghan considers herself an environmentalist and has used her power and platform to discuss the need for all of us to focus on saving the planet. This is a valuable and important message…but it rings a bit hollow coming from someone constantly flying around the world in her own private jet!

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Prone to self-aggrandizing lies

By now, you’ve probably discovered that Meghan Markle will bend the truth at times to make herself look better. However, what you may not know is that she isn’t above telling outright lies that feed her egomania.

As Newsweek points out, one of the worst examples of this was when she claimed to have spoken with an unnamed member of the live-action Lion King. This person allegedly told her that when she married Harry, everyone celebrated in the streets like “when Mandela was freed from prison.”

Here’s the thing, though: the cast only had one person from South Africa, and he has said he never met Markle. Some of her defenders pointed out she might have heard this story from the movie’s South African composer Lebo M when she met him at the film’s 2019 London premiere. However, not only did the composer not tell Meghan this wild tale, but he went on to say, “I cannot even tell you now what month she married or what year.”

In short, this was an utterly insane and self-aggrandizing lie seemingly made up entirely by Meghan Markle. And if she’s willing to tell such major lies in front of the entire world, we can only imagine what else she is lying about on a daily basis.