Everything You Need To Know About the Obamas’ Favorite Vacation Destination

Barack Obama served two very successful terms as President of the United States. This is widely considered one of the most stressful jobs in the world, so Obama and his family learned how to relax when they could. Often, that meant taking exotic family vacations, a practice that has continued now that they are out of the White House.

While the family has enjoyed vacations all over the world, their favorite location is Martha’s Vineyard. Eventually, they went from simply renting to buying their own permanent vacation paradise. How did they fall in love with Martha’s Vineyard, and who influenced their favorite vacation destination? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know!

The Obamas know how to vacation in style

In many ways, it was inevitable that Barack Obama and his family would learn to take vacations to the next level. After all, the future president was born in Hawaii, which many around the world consider the ultimate vacation getaway. Even after leaving Hawaii, Obama often brought his wife and children back, both to connect with his extended family and to spend Christmas somewhere warm and tropical.

As president, Obama took the opportunity to take the family on several international trips, including unexpected places like China and Russia. When it came to simply relaxing, however, the family was fine staying within the United States. That’s because Martha’s Vineyard quickly became their favorite vacation destination.

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The first trip to Martha’s Vineyard

The Obamas’ first trip to Martha’s Vineyard actually predates Barack’s time as president. In 2004, the family took their first trip. They were suitably impressed, and after winning the 2008 election, President Obama took his family back to Martha’s Vineyard in style.

From 2009 to 2011, when the family stayed at Martha’s Vineyard, they rented Blue Heron Farm. This is an area with private beach access and plenty of relaxing amenities. All this luxury comes at a price, though: renting the farm cost the family a cool $50,000 per week.

Fortunately for Barack Obama and his family, they have only grown wealthier after his two presidential terms. The proceeds from book deals, speaking engagements, and more have given Barack and Michelle some major spending money. And it didn’t take long before they decided to spend it on a permanent vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard.

Buying a permanent vacation getaway

In 2019, Barack and Michelle Obama took the plunge and bought their own beautiful estate in Martha’s Vineyard. And they didn’t skip: this place is a proper mansion, with seven bedrooms, ocean views, beach access, and a private pool.

Once again, though, all this luxury comes at a high price. The Obamas paid a staggering $11.75 million for this vacation getaway. Happily for the family, that estate has only grown in value over the years. Somehow, though, we don’t think they’ll be selling their perfect vacation destination anytime soon.

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Martha’s Vineyard has a rich presidential history

The idea of a president kicking back and relaxing in Martha’s Vineyard may sound unexpected, but it’s an idea that has plenty of precedent. In fact, presidents enjoying some relaxing time in this vineyard is a practice that stretches back to the 19th century.

In 1874, Ulysses S. Grant spent a summer at Martha’s Vineyard. Many decades later, beloved president John F. Kennedy during his presidency, though he also vacationed there before getting elected. Fast-forward to 1993 and President Bill Clinton began taking his family to the vineyard every year. To this day, there are some who think the Clintons’ love of Martha’s Vineyard encouraged Obama to take his own family there.

Unexpected vacation buddies

Interestingly, Bill Clinton never stopped coming to Martha’s Vineyard. To this day, it’s pretty common for him to vacation there when he needs some time away from the world. And when the stars align, there are times when the Clintons and the Obamas are vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard at the same time.

When that happens, Clinton and Obama become vacation buddies, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. The two former presidents are also avid golfers and enjoy playing together whenever their vacations overlap.

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Locals love the Obamas

In case you’re wondering how permanent residents feel, the truth is that most residents and businesses love the Obamas. On one occasion, a bookstore went out of its way to arrange a private shopping experience so Barack and his family could buy their fill of books. On another occasion, a local ice cream vendor created a new flavor called “Barack My World.”

One reason that businesses love the former president is that he and his family encourage tourism. As for the Obamas, they love visiting Martha’s Vineyard because most locals don’t make a big deal out of the many celebrities who come to visit. That makes this one of the only places on the planet the Obamas can visit without being mobbed by fans.