19 Most Embarrassing Photos Of Barack Obama

As presidents go, Barack Obama was quite popular.

It helped that Obama was a very photogenic president. From posing with his family to playing basketball, various photos captured the charisma of Obama.

Some photos, though, made this popular president look downright embarrassing. Which photos are we talking about? Here are just a few of the most embarrassing!

A fly on his head

Talk about bad timing! The camera captured the exact moment a fly landed on Obama’s head while he was speaking in the White House’s State Dining Room on January 24, 2013.

What’s the secret handshake?

As president, Obama had to do a lot of handshakes. But this three-way shake between himself, Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto, and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes it look like he is trying to learn the secret shake to be let into their exclusive clubhouse.

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Barack Obama the ping pong champ

Barack Obama was a fairly athletic president, so we can only imagine he is a fairly good ping pong player. That doesn’t keep him from looking super goofy while he plays, though.

Making Michelle angry by kissing Carla Bruni

Kisses are a close cousin to handshakes for presidents and other politicians. But as Barack kisses former model, singer-songwriter, and First Lady of France Carla Bruni on the cheek, he is getting the mother of all side-eyes from the mother of his children!

Bored to death by first graders

We understand, Obama: after enough reading to first-graders, we’d probably have that face, too. But it is hilarious to see how bored Barack looks compared to how jazzed-up Michelle looks!

Dodging out of the way

Presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom is usually a very solemn affair. But in this picture, it looks like Obama’s expression came right out of a cartoon!

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Is this roll call?

In many ways, this is the strangest photo on our list. Amid a large group simply standing there and smiling, Obama is the only one raising his hand. It looks like he is about to ask the teacher a question, or maybe he just wants to be counted during the roll call.

Giving side-eye

When meeting French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn, that man and Michelle are all smiles. But Barack seems to be giving Strauss-Kahn a serious staredown!

The pie monster

We’re not entirely sure why Obama is showing this young man his pie eating face.

Gone golfing

On one hand, playing golf in your office with Bill Murray sounds fun as hell. But considering all of the soon-to-be-hypocritical tweets from Donald Trump about Obama golfing all the time, this photo made for a bad look.

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Running up that… Oval Office

Obama is never afraid to be goofy with kids, including this cute shot of playing with this little girl. However, the most powerful man in the world running away from a child in his own office is always going to look a bit silly.

The awkward hugger

When visiting the Naval Academy, Obama was all hugs. Which is nice and friendly, but we’re not sure what is going on in this picture. It kind of looks like neither man had ever hugged anyone before and were just trying it out!

Game face

One of the reasons Obama was a popular president is that he blended in well with local customs when he traveled. For example, while visiting Ireland, he took some time to drink a Guinness. But we can’t stop laughing at his weird “game face” as he raises the glass.

Getting attacked by ‘Spider-Man’

Here, we see Obama encountering Nicholas Tamarin, who is dressed as Spider-Man (don’t tell the young man we know his secret identity). Always game for shenanigans, Obama pretends to be caught in the young superhero’s webs.

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Obama goes wild

It seems like Barack Obama realized a hard truth: you can either be a good storyteller to children or you can look dignified. He didn’t hesitate to cast dignity aside while reading Where the Wild Things Are, and the faces he makes emulating the wild monsters are the stuff of legend.

Barack with… bangs?!

Every now and then, Barack Obama is very “in the know” when it comes to a goofy picture. Here, he helped create a photo of himself rocking Michelle Obama’s bangs. Instead of keeping the crazy shot in the family, he showed it to the entire world during the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington on April 27, 2013!

Obama’s surprising team-up

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? We can imagine this is only one of many questions this pirate posed to Obama when they got a chance to sit down and talk. This photo was remarkably tweeted by Obama’s official account for International Talk Like a Pirate Day in 2012.

Busting a move

Barack Obama is actually a very good dancer. But this image makes it look like he is about to unleash the worst dancing this side of Prince William.

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Big spender

This photo from July 2014 shows Obama holding up his credit card to pay for BBQ at a restaurant in Austin, Texas. Perhaps he’s making this odd face thinking back to the year 2000 when, after spending much of his own money on a failed Congressional campaign, he had his credit card declined trying to rent a car.