20 Cutest Barack & Michelle Obama Couple Moments Caught on Camera

Barack and Michelle Obama have been married since 1992, and for many, they are relationship goals! Despite nearly 30 years of marriage, somehow they seem to have kept the flame alive, leading to many cute moments caught on camera. Here are some of the best!

Caught on the Kiss Cam

It’s not like Barack needs much of an excuse to kiss Michelle. But when he saw that the two were on the Kiss Cam, he had to make his move, much to Michelle’s delight.

Sweet dancing 

Regardless of your personal politics, anyone can see that Barack and Michelle Obama are relationship goals. And if you can’t see that, you just need to look at this photo a few more times.

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Smooching again and again

At the January 2013 inaugural parade, Barack and Michelle keep smooching as they try to get this romantic photo, taken by youngest daughter Sasha, “just right.” Along the way, older daughter Malia tries — and fails — to photobomb the pic!’

Enjoying the hoops

Even Barack and Michelle found time to enjoy the occasional basketball game. This was the 2011 clash between Oregon State and Towson, but it looks like Michelle is getting more enjoyment out of her mischievous husband than out of the game.

Michelle and Barack trade compliments

At a visit to Langley Air Force Base in Oct. 2011, Michelle revealed she hadn’t seen her husband in three days. “You’re looking good!” she said.

Barack later told the crowd, “How luck am I to be married to Michelle Obama? For the men out there are not married, let me explain the whole goal is to marry up, to try to improve your gene pool.”

At the end of his speech, after thanking Michelle for making the event possible, Barack added, “She does all this and she looks cute.”

Barack still makes Michelle laugh

From his various speeches and other events, we know that Barack Obama can be a very funny guy. And behind closed doors, it looks like he always keeps Michelle laughing.

A woman’s touch

When you’re the president, how you look plays a major role in how people perceive you. And as this photo shows, Michelle was always ready to help her husband look his best.

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Kissing in front of the Easter Bunny

Barack always loves to kiss Michelle, and she always loves the attention. But we have to say, the Easter Bunny looks like a nervous third wheel in this photo!

Barack and Michelle discuss the hug that went viral

In Dec. 2012, Barack and Michelle sat down for an interview with Barbara Walters. She asked them about a photo of them hugging that went viral, becoming the most-shared photo on Twitter.

“Why were you hugging her so hard in Iowa?” Walters asked.

“Because I love my wife!” Barack responded.

“That’s my honey giving me a hug,” Michelle said.

Barack kisses the ring (really, just the hand)

The secret to a good marriage is always finding time to be a bit silly. During the inaugural parade in January 2013, Michelle extended her hand for Barack to kiss. Just an adorable couple keeping the spark alive!

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Sneaking in a hug 

Michelle and Barack never hesitated to passionately embrace in public. And in this photo, the two shared a fierce hug at the final 2012 campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa.

Barack whispers in Michelle’s ear

Barack and Michelle Obama always made time for quiet little moments. Here, the two are waiting for the arrival of British Prime Minister David Cameron on the South Lawn of the White House in March 2012. But that didn’t keep them from whispering to each other like a couple that just started dating.

Barack and Michelle answer questions from kids

Barack and Michelle are very natural and at ease with each other in this video where they answer questions from kids. Michelle even imitates Barack singing!

“Michelle is actually funnier than me, mainly because she teases me but I can’t tease her!” Barack says.

“I think that’s fair,” Michelle responds.

Barack gives Michelle a kiss

Here Barack and Michelle Obama visit the Iowa State Fair while he was running for president in August 2007. Nobody sneaks unexpected kisses quite like a doting husband. And judging from her expression, Michelle really didn’t see this kiss coming!

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A fist bump tradition

Would you believe this moment got a man fired? Michelle and Barack Obama engaged in a harmless fist bump at an election rally in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2008. A Fox News anchor called this gesture “a terrorist fist jab” and was promptly taken off the air.

Married to a superhero?

One of Barack Obama’s better qualities is that he isn’t afraid to get silly from time to time. Here, we see him donning a cape at a Toys For Tots event in 2014, all while Michelle gives him her best “yup, that’s the man I married” face.

Gone camping

In 2015, the White House hosted its first campout event. And it looks like Michelle is having quite a bit of fun alongside her husband.

Fun with dogs

Michelle Obama really loves her two dogs, Bo and Sunny. Here, we can see her playing with them in a joyful moment outside the White House.

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A warm reception

This photo was taken at the White House Black History Month reception in 2016. Judging from Michelle’s face, the event went quite well!

Barack and Michelle get wild

What’s going on here? Michelle and Barack are reading a book to children at the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2012. If you’re wondering why Barack is making that face, they are both reading and re-enacting scenes from Where the Wild Things Are.