8 Strange Eating Habits Of Melania Trump

Regardless of politics, Melania Trump has had an impressive career and life. After all, she went from an international model to businesswoman and to the very top: the first lady of the United States.

This all started with her modeling career, which meant she had to look her best for every photo shoot. And that was when she began the eating habits that helped her look incredible and maintain that youthful look throughout the years.

Interested in eating like Melania? We’ve got the full breakdown of her strange eating habits.

Lots of apples

Fruit is a major staple of Melania’s diet. According to Inside Edition, she tries to eat at least seven pieces of fruit each day. But what are the fruits that are important enough to form her daily diet?

One of those fruits is the simple apple. Not only does it keep the doctor away, but it helps to ward off the pounds and serves as a very healthy snack at any point during the day.

Apples: good enough for Eve and good enough for Melania. And that makes them good enough for us!

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Plenty of peaches

Another major part of Melania’s fruit diet is the peach. While you might associate the humble peach as a Southern staple, it’s one of the preferred healthy snacks for a world traveler like Melania.

Part of what makes the peach such a great pick is that there are many options for eating it. For example, peaches make for a tasty treat on their own. But it’s also fairly easy to transform peaches and other ingredients into a tasty smoothie, which is another Melania favorite.

Breakfast smoothie

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, Melania Trump is one of the busiest women in the world. So how does she get her essential nutrients each morning? With a smoothie!

The average smoothie-loving commuter might find the time to swing by Smoothie King in the morning. But Melania manages the time to make her own smoothie almost every morning of the week.

So, what goes in these smoothies? In an interview with Refinery29, Melania said, “In the morning, every morning, I have a smoothie with a few ingredients and a lot of vitamins in it — it’s very healthy.”

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Occasional oatmeal

You might be thinking to yourself that nobody could eat smoothies for breakfast each and every day. Not even Melania! And it turns out that even the first lady likes to change things up from time to time.

In that same Refinery29 interview, she amended her statement about having a smoothie “every morning” and clarified that she enjoys the occasional bowl of oatmeal. This is a solid breakfast alternative: oatmeal is healthy on its own, and much like smoothies, Melania can control the flavor and overall healthy content of each bowl.

Hold the onions

Generally speaking, Melania is a major champion of fruits and veggies. But she likes some fruits better than others. And there are veggies she doesn’t care for at all!

At the top of that list is onions. As Food & Wine reports, Melania once appeared on Martha Stewart’s show, and Stewart walked both her and Donald through how to make a killer meatloaf. But Melania personally wanted to veto the onions Stewart added.

As it turns out, Melania hates onions and Donald Trump loves them. But since Melania prepares many of her own meals, she can avoid onions to her heart’s content. 

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Skip the artichokes

In that same appearance with Martha Stewart, Melania revealed another veggie on her hit list. And that veggie is artichokes.

While she and Donald Trump were split on the subject of onions, they are a united front here. Both of them hate artichokes! While it’s doubtful that Melania would be chowing down on a takeout pizza anytime soon, it’s clear that she’d throw out any pie with artichokes on it.

Skip the fast food

Donald Trump is famous for his love of fast food. But does Melania love fast food as much as her husband? In a word, “no.”

According to Inside Edition, Melania doesn’t really dig fast food. If nothing else, we can imagine that a steady stream of fast food would seriously disrupt her fruit-centric diet.

This doesn’t mean that Melania never partakes of fast food, though. As ABC News reports, Melania and second lady Karen Pence stopped by Whataburger in December 2017 to chow down on some french fries.

Maybe it was a cheat day? We doubt Melania lost any sleep over this foray into fast food. After all, fries are a vegetable… right?

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Make a reservation

Speaking of cheat days, there are times that Melania likes to splurge on more than fruits, veggies, and smoothies. What does she do when the cravings really hit? Make a reservation!

Despite her disdain for fast food, Melania loves to make a reservation and enjoy a nice sit-down dinner. In a New York Magazine interview, she dished about her love of eating at restaurants around the Big Apple. “One thing I love most about New York is the variety of amazing foods you can eat. My all-time favorite is the Chicken Parmigianino at Jean Georges.”

A nice chicken parm really does sound lovely. But somebody make sure she doesn’t throw leftovers into the morning smoothie!