William and Kate’s Children Have Suspiciously Disappeared?

What if there was a royal disappearance and it happened right under everyone’s noses? That may sound dramatic, but there is a growing body of circumstantial evidence that this may have happened with the children of Prince William and Kate.

Ever since Kate’s recent surgical procedure, there have been no new photos of William and Kate’s kids. Considering that this includes the future King of England Prince George, more people are starting to wonder if there’s a sinister story behind this royal disappearance.

Are you one of those people? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the disappearance of William and Kate’s children!

It all started with Kate’s surgery

Back in January, Kate Middleton was admitted to the hospital for a planned surgery. The only thing we really know about Kate’s procedure is that it was supposed to be surgical surgery on her abdomen. Considering that King Charles was admitted to the hospital close to the same time as Kate, it was easy for many at the time to overlook the significance of her own procedure.

Notably, however, we know exactly why Charles went in: an enlarged prostate. We even know about his surprise cancer diagnosis and the fact that he is now receiving treatment. Compared to that, all of the secrecy surrounding Kate’s surgery is strange and causing increased speculation as to what is really going on.

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Kate’s surgery secrecy prompts speculation

 In retrospect, Kate Middleton was as secretive as she could possibly be regarding her surgery. It’s true that she told everyone part of what was going on, but simply telling us about abdominal surgery still doesn’t tell us what kind of surgery it is or, more importantly, what the surgery is even for.

Weirder still is the official announcement that Kate would have to cancel all of her royal engagements until Easter. Between the fact that she wouldn’t say what the surgery was for and her shockingly long recovery time, many have begun to speculate that something much more serious has happened to Kate. Fueling that speculation is the surprising fact that we haven’t seen any new photos of William and Kate’s kids since all of this started. 

The kids avoided Kate in the hospital, but for a good reason

If you don’t know much about the modern Royal Family, you might wonder why anyone was expecting to see photos of William and Kate’s children in the first place. The short answer is that we typically get a steady (if not exactly regular) dose of pictures showcasing the kids going to school, and the lack of such photos kicked off a new round of speculation regarding Kate’s actual health status.

Some people were expecting to see photos of the children as they visited Kate in the hospital, but this never happened. It turns out there is a good reason for why this is: at the London Clinic where Kate received surgery, children are not allowed without permission from the hospital.

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Has Kate been in contact with the kids, though?

Because of the lack of photos of William and Kate’s children, it’s easy to think that Kate hasn’t been in contact with them. Fortunately, the fact that we haven’t seen the kids in a while doesn’t mean that Kate herself hasn’t seen them.

While Kate was in the hospital, she regularly used FaceTime to communicate with her kids. Once she got out of the hospital, the children helped welcome their mother home and are presumably helping in her recovery.

We say “presumably,” however, due to the crazy fact that nobody has seen these children or knows exactly where they are at this time!

The whereabouts of the children are currently unknown

Obviously, the idea that William and Kate’s children are currently in an unknown location sounds a bit exciting. That makes it sound like they might have gotten kidnapped or are being moved around in secret by the government.

In reality, the kids have most likely hunkered down at the family home to help mom recover from her mysterious surgery. This would explain their notable absence from recent photos, and if nothing else, we’re convinced William has a good reason for keeping the children out of the eyes of roving paparazzi.

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The real reason the kids have been missing 

The most likely reason we haven’t seen recent photos of William and Kate’s children is straightforward. It’s the explanation that makes the most sense, and it’s actually very sweet instead of sinister.

With Kate’s recovery taking so long, Prince William has had to step up and take a more active role as both parent and caretaker. He has already been canceling more of his own royal events and recently canceled an appearance at his own godfather’s memorial service. It seems the prince wants to keep the kids at home with their mother, allowing him to look after everyone in one place and keep them as safe as he possibly can.